LED White Papers Sort Fact from Fiction

Four white papers by Acuity Brands can help you learn the facts and ignore the myths about LED lighting and technology, and related issues in lighting design.

“Our goal is to provide the industry with tools to make the best possible decisions when selecting intelligent LED lighting and control systems,” said Dave Ranieri, Vice President and General Manager, Lithonia Lighting® Commercial Indoor Products. “LED lighting choices are flooding the marketplace from all over the world. As LED luminaires move into the ambient lighting mainstream, it is more important than ever to separate fact from fiction and distinguish quality lighting solutions from inferior ones.” The white papers address four fundamental LED topics.

“LED and Binning” addresses the issues associated with binning LEDs, color temperature, chromaticity and ANSI binning standards.

LED and 100% Efficiency provides information about relative and absolute photometry, photometry standards IESNA LM-79-08, DOE CALiPER program and luminaire efficiency.

“LED and Lumen Depreciation” addresses service life for LED systems, including life and lumen depreciation and IES Standard LM80.

“LED and Controls” features details on LED color temperature, color rendering index and color quality scale.

While supplying quality lighting solutions using the best traditional, new and emerging lighting technologies, Acuity Brands is providing this information to help lead the lighting industry discussion and assist its customers in making informed choices. All four white papers can be requested here.

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