University and its City Cut Lighting Energy Use by 40%

The completion of a pilot outdoor LED lighting project using Acuity Brands’ Holophane® brand of luminaires has brought energy savings and sustainability to Anderson University and the City of Anderson in Indiana.

Granville LED

Granville LED

The scenic campus of Anderson University is located in downtown Anderson and is home to 2,800 students. With help from the city and a grant from the Indiana Department of Transportation, the University recently became a model for a new energy efficient lighting system designed to outlast traditional high pressure sodium (HPS) luminaires and reduce energy consumption by approximately 40 percent.

While designers originally planned on using HPS fixtures, the design changed and the campus area is now illuminated with Holophane GranVille® LED luminaires because of their expected life of 50,000 hours as compared to 24,000 hours for HPS luminaires.

According to Tom Donoho, transmission and distribution supervisor, Anderson Municipal Light & Power, this campus project provides an excellent lighting solution and is expected to reduce carbon emissions by 17,106 pounds annually. The city also anticipates a 40 percent annual savings in lighting related electrical utilization over the HPS lighting solution that was in place.

Due to this success, the City of Anderson intends to light the rest of the campus and other downtown areas using Holophane GranVille LED luminaires.

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