Solid State Lighting Focus of Acuity Brands Talks

Dave Ranieri of Acuity Brands

Dave Ranieri

As part of its ongoing initiative to educate the market about the current viability and future potential of intelligent LED lighting and controls solutions, Acuity Brands presented two sessions at the LEDs 2010 Conference in October in San Diego. The company also featured some of its newest LED lighting and controls technologies at the conference.

Mike Lu

Dave Ranieri, vice president and general manager of Lithonia Lighting Commercial Indoor Products, presented, “Harnessing the Collective Power of Solid State Lighting and Controls Systems.” Ranieri’s presentation explored how early applications of discrete LED components have evolved to performance-optimized solutions for general ambient lighting applications. Further enabled by advanced digital control technologies such as those from Acuity Brands, these new lighting solutions are more intelligent and adaptive to surrounding environmental conditions.

Dr. Mike Lu, director of OLED Technology for Acuity Brands, discussed organic solid state lighting at the conference. Renowned for his expertise in OLED research and development, Dr. Lu recently presented the coming challenges of OLEDs at the Future of Lighting & Backlighting conference in Seattle.

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