Lithonia Lighting VT Volumetric Series Arrives

Combining modern aesthetic design, high efficiency and superior performance, the new VT Volumetric Series from Lithonia Lighting® is designed to make high-quality volumetric lighting available for more projects and more budgets.

VT from Lithonia Lighting

VT from Lithonia Lighting

The VT’s light distribution creates a uniform balance between task illumination and spatial brightness. The resulting “volumetric” effect increases the perceived lighting level, improves visual comfort, and reinforces a sense of occupant security and well-being. Stylistically, the VT coordinates with all Lithonia Lighting volumetric luminaires. It’s engineered for:

  • maximum efficiency
  • optimal light distribution
  • T8 and T5 linear fluorescent systems
  • maximum lumen output
  • refractive optics for direct lamp shielding

Design and construction of the VT luminaire is simple, understated, elemental. The VT complements the style of modern commercial space, integrating easily with minimal interruption of the ceiling plane. It also unobtrusively works with a variety of interior environments.

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