New Building-Mount LED Saves Energy Outdoors

Hospitality, offices, schools and retail spaces now have an LED alternative to outdoor, building-mounted lighting, allowing them to reduce energy and operating costs by as much as 62%.

Building-mounted ALX

Building-mounted ALX LED

The new Lithonia Lighting® ALX™ line of outdoor LED area luminaires combines the classic ALX family appearance with innovative technology. The building/wall-mounted ALXW model replaces HID fixtures one-for-one, meeting or exceeding recommended IES illumination levels and producing as much light as a typical 250-watt metal halide (HID) fixture. The ALXW also delivers improved optical uniformity and color rendering for architectural outdoor and pathway applications.

The ALXW’s long-lasting LED light source is designed to provide up to 50,000 hours rated life at maximum operating temperature, equating to 13 years of operation for a typical application.

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