Acuity Brands Controls: Your Source for Energy-Use Standards

Keeping up with ever-changing energy codes and regulatory requirements could be a full-time job. In fact, a new national standard for energy codes took effect December 30, 2010. Is your state compliant? Are you? What about your city or county?

Now, Acuity Brands Controls does that sorting for you, providing you with some of the most comprehensive, up-to-date information available anywhere for each jurisdiction in the U.S. Here are four key resources from Acuity Brands Controls:

1. Commercial-building Energy Codes Compliance guide. Summarizes major energy-code requirements and identifies LC&D and Sensor Switch products that help you comply with codes or go beyond compliance for unprecedented energy savings, flexibility and lighting control.

2. Subscribe to Acuity Brands Controls’ code e-mail alerts to keep current on changes in your state.

3. “LIKE” us on the Sensor Switch Facebook page to keep up with the latest energy code updates and discussions.

4. Also on Facebook, follow Acuity Brands Controls to keep up with relevant industry news and information.

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