ROAM® Selected by Austin for Money-Saving Upgrade

The ROAM® remote monitoring system has been selected by the city of Austin for a comprehensive street lighting upgrade project. By the project’s anticipated completion in 2014, the city of Austin will be able to control each of its approximately 70,000 streetlights with the click of a mouse. The estimated annual savings: more than $1 million in combined energy and maintenance costs.

ROAM combines photo-control technology with wireless monitoring and control capabilities. In Austin, the ROAM system will be installed and managed by Austin Energy, which will monitor and control the streetlights using data received every hour from the wireless ROAM devices via a web-based communication system.

The ROAM solution is being used successfully by several cities throughout the country to help municipalities increase energy efficiency and reduce operating costs. These cities include College Station, TX; Los Angeles, CA; Glendale, AZ; and Anderson, IN.

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