Go Digital on Daylight Harvesting Controls

For years, Sunoptics and Lighting Controls & Design (LC&D) products have been integrated to enhance the value of prismatic skylight solutions. That’s because digital lighting controls improve on the functionality of traditional (non-digital) controls, providing advanced programming capabilities with a simple front end – usually just a wall switch or dimmer.

With LC&D’s GR 2400 system, controls are easy to maintain and operate. Settings can be adjusted through the Internet or with any computer running Unity™ Lighting Control Software. In fact, LC&D is the only manufacturer that offers free lifetime remote programming for every system equipped with a modem.

The GR 2400 system is more than just relay panels and hardware. It is a completely digital, integrated system that will lower your operating expenses. By simply turning off unneeded lighting, energy consumption is reduced as much as 40% to 50%.

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