Hercules, CA, Retrofits with LEDgend Roadway LEDs

The 161 cobra head luminaires with 100-watt, high-pressure sodium lamps lining streets in Hercules, CA, are now retrofitted with LEDgend Roadway LED by Holophane®. Results: reduced energy costs; brighter, more uniform light; and maintenance-free operation for about 20 years.

They light two- and four-lane roadways lined with homes, businesses, restaurants and strip malls. They also illuminate stretches of parking, and sidewalks previously plagued by pockets of darkness. Existing poles were used to save the city money.

LEDgend luminaires provide permanent prismatic glass optics to protect the LEDs while controlling light distribution and reducing glare. An optimized, maintained thermal management system was engineered into LEDgend for maximum performance and long life.

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