Prismatic Skylights Offer Great Advantages

Once you decide to daylight a building, Sunoptics Prismatic Skylights are the “enlightened” choice. We’ve dedicated our business to perfecting daylighting technology while helping building owners become energy independent. We offer superior design and construction and we are dedicated to consistent testing and refinement of our products to improve their value and performance to our customers. There are many advantages to Sunoptics skylight, as they:

  • provide 35% or more light transmission than competitive skylights while providing 100% diffusion for glare-free high-performance daylighting
  • eliminate damaging direct sunlight
  • prevent UV damage to interiors and merchandise
  • provide insulated thermal break frames as standard
  • have completely welded corners that do not rely on wet seals to be watertight
  • are superior in engineering, design and construction
  • offer exceptional performance without a premium price

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