Case Study: Coca-Cola Saves 80% on Energy Use

When Coca-Cola decided to build its new energy-efficient distribution plant in Northern California, the company chose Sunoptics Prismatic Skylights to help it achieve its daylighting initiative. By integrating high bay T5 lighting systems with photocells and a lighting control system – in addition to the Sunoptics Signature Series skylights – Coca-Cola has reduced light energy consumption by up to 80% during the peak energy demand hours of the day.

Warehouses and distribution facilities are a natural choice for daylighting. They are large structures usually full with stock and only a hand full of employees moving inventory with fork lifts to trucks for distribution. By using high-performance prismatic daylighting with motion sensing and photocells with their lighting control systems, building owners can create the optimum level of energy efficiency while creating an environment of high productivity for the workers in the space.

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