Gotham Adds More Drama to Lighting Line-Up

As if Gotham lighting wasn’t visually appealing enough, along comes a new line of glass downlights sure to please the most hard-to-please of lighting designers. There are three product sets in this new high-performance series:

  • The PDRGF decorative downlight features a glass shade in a shallow recess, with a choice of flange colors to complement the selection. The shade comes in either 6” or 8” apertures, and in colors of blue, amber or white.
  • The PDRDF decorative downlight features a deeply recessed, pressed-glass shade, also available in blue, amber or white. It then adds a luminous dome (16” for the 6” shade or 21” for the 8” shade) for more dimensional color.
  • Drop luminous rings and disks: These are simple yet elegant lighting options that provide a new design feature for a variety of Gotham’s 6” or 8” compact fluorescent, metal halide or LED downlights.

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