Acuity Brands Expands LED Outdoor Parking Products Line

To its family of “Park” lighting applications, Acuity Brands now adds four LED luminaires optimally designed for unique outdoor parking functions and spaces. Each one compatible with the Acuity Brands ROAM® system, they are:

  • The TersenRatio PG, a contemporary LED with architectural styling, ideally suited for the parking garage.
  • The Lithonia Lighting VAP, a smart-looking, energy-efficient LED for garages, canopies, transportation facilities, schools, hospitals and exterior retail environments where moisture or dust is a concern.
  • The Tersen Ratio 4.0, a contemporary luminaire that produces illumination levels equivalent to a traditional 400-watt metal halide (MH) lamp.
  • The Lithonia Lighting ALX, ideal for streets, walkways, parking lots, and surrounding areas and delivers on the promise of long life, superior optical performance and energy savings.

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