University Picks Lithonia Lighting for Renovation with LED

July 27, 2011

A major lighting renovation project at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) has incorporated LED lighting from Lithonia Lighting, namely the RTLED™ luminaire. VCU’s decision to use the Lithonia Lighting product was driven, in part, by the school’s earlier success with office and general lighting relighting using an RT5™ fixture.

The RTLED is a high-quality, volumetric recessed luminaire that delivers ambient white light uniformly throughout an entire space while reducing energy and maintenance costs and a building’s environmental footprint. It comes factory-enabled with an interface to the company’s Sensor Switch® portfolio of sensors and control systems.

Winona Lighting Expands LED Landscape Portfolio

July 26, 2011

New for decorative – and energy-efficient – landscaping is the Winline 607 LED Submersible Light from Acuity Brands’ Winona® Lighting. And while it’s new, it’s already an award winner, having received the Specialty Lighting Gold Level honor from Architectural SSL magazine at LIGHTFAIR® 2011.

Part of the WinonaLED™ product family, the Winline 607 LED Submersible Light incorporates patent-pending Cool Core Technology to keep the fixture from overheating. This technique moves water through a pure copper heat-sink, providing maximum cooling to the LEDs.  Designed to be the most powerful, reliable and easiest to implement submersible LED luminaire, the Winline 607 LED Submersible Light is suitable for installations up to 3 meters deep.

Winline 607 delivers up to 1840 lumens per foot, is available in various color temperatures, and comes in 30” or 54” lengths.

DOE Taps Acuity Brands with Special Recognition

July 20, 2011

USDOE Lighting FactsGoing “above and beyond” what’s necessary to integrate the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lighting Facts® into its business practices has earned Acuity Brands a 2011 Lighting Facts Special Recognition by the DOE.

What’s Lighting Facts? It’s a voluntary-participation program for manufacturers who commit to testing products, including LEDs, and reporting performance results according to industry standards. It emphasizes consumer education to foster the appropriate comparison and selection of SSL products.

Acuity Brands supports the Lighting Facts program in the commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential markets. This support includes LM-79 testing of applicable products, as well as the prominent display of the Lighting Facts label on many solid state lighting (SSL) products or specification sheets.

Holophane Luminaires Picked for City’s Renovation

July 1, 2011

Granville LED from HolophaneA project to relight and renovate sections of downtown Chicopee, Massachusetts, now features LED lighting from the Holophane® GranVille® line.

The City of Chicopee decided to revitalize its downtown area to, among other things, provide a brighter and more secure lighting environment that will attract patrons back to the business district. One goal: replace old 100W, high-pressure sodium fixtures that had been retrofitted years ago throughout the downtown district (four city blocks containing city hall, office buildings, restaurants and nightclubs).

The answer: Holophane, a brand recognized as a leader for commercial, industrial, and outdoor applications because of its high quality and lowest total cost of ownership. The bonus for Chicopee: GranVille LEDs offer classic or premier optics; a variety of trims, shapes and uplight options; varying distributions of light; ease of maintenance; and lumen-output efficiencies.