Holophane Luminaires Picked for City’s Renovation

Granville LED from HolophaneA project to relight and renovate sections of downtown Chicopee, Massachusetts, now features LED lighting from the Holophane® GranVille® line.

The City of Chicopee decided to revitalize its downtown area to, among other things, provide a brighter and more secure lighting environment that will attract patrons back to the business district. One goal: replace old 100W, high-pressure sodium fixtures that had been retrofitted years ago throughout the downtown district (four city blocks containing city hall, office buildings, restaurants and nightclubs).

The answer: Holophane, a brand recognized as a leader for commercial, industrial, and outdoor applications because of its high quality and lowest total cost of ownership. The bonus for Chicopee: GranVille LEDs offer classic or premier optics; a variety of trims, shapes and uplight options; varying distributions of light; ease of maintenance; and lumen-output efficiencies.

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