Historic City Hall Get Holophane LED Relighting Facelift

Fans of the landmark City Hall in the City of Fountain, Colorado, have a more modern – and energy-efficient – lighting treatment to gaze upon, thanks to a relighting project using Holophane® Utility Full Cutoff LED luminaires. And, while the fixtures themselves are high-tech, their vintage styles maintain a nostalgic look for the City Hall’s tree and lawn-lined sidewalks and streets.

The goals for the LED-relighting project were improved nighttime appearance of City Hall, as well as reduced energy consumption, maintenance, and night-lighting pollution. The latter was achieved in compliance with guidelines from the International Dark-Sky Association through the fixtures’ full-cutoff features.

According to City Manager Scott Trainor, the new lighting provides a 30% savings over the 100-watt high pressure sodium lighting system that was replaced.


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