Lithonia Lighting Launches PROTEON™ LED High Bay

January 30, 2012

Acuity Brands, Inc. has expanded its LED indoor ambient lighting portfolio with the launch of the PROTEON™ LED high bay from Lithonia Lighting®. The PROTEON luminaire can replace high intensity discharge (HID), fluorescent and induction high bay fixtures in manufacturing, warehousing, cold storage, commercial, retail and other large indoor spaces.

The PROTEON LED high bay is for indoor spaces with mounting heights ranging from 15’-40′ and ambient temperatures between -4°F (-20°C) and 131°F (55°C). Utilizing a robust aluminum extruded heat sink, the fixture provides superior thermal management to reduce operating temperatures.

Featuring focus, narrow, wide and spread distributions, the PROTEON LED luminaire meets both horizontal and vertical light level requirements as determined by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES). The product comes standard with a semi-diffuse lens to reduce glare. For additional glare control, a highly-diffuse lens is available.
The PROTEON fixture features a custom light engine specifically designed for the lumen requirements of high bay lighting to achieve optimal performance and reliability. Using pluggable connectors, electrical components are securely mounted to a removable, maintenance-friendly tray.

Optional controls offer additional energy savings and can extend the life of the PROTEON LED high bay. The PROTEON fixture is available with Acuity Brands nLight® enabled controls that facilitate remote system configurability. Advanced features include the ability to group fixtures, adjust dim levels, schedule operation and monitor status.
“In addition to its reliability, efficiency and versatility, the PROTEON LED high bay has a lower total cost of ownership compared to conventional HID high bays,” said Ed Weaver, Vice President and General Manager Industrial and Emergency, Lithonia Lighting. “The PROTEON fixture uses less energy to operate and reduces the amount of maintenance required so customers can achieve payback in 2-4 years.”

The PROTEON LED high bay is available nationally through Lithonia Lighting sales representatives and authorized distributors.

Lithonia Lighting Launches Z Series LED Striplight

January 30, 2012

Acuity Brands, Inc. has expanded its LED indoor ambient lighting portfolio with the launch of the Z Series LED striplight by Lithonia Lighting®. The Z Series luminaires are compact, low-profile solid-state strips that deliver long maintenance-free performance in a wide range of retrofit and new construction applications, including uplight and downlight in commercial, retail, manufacturing, warehouse, cove and display. The Z Series luminaires join the ever-growing portfolio of versatile Lithonia Lighting LED indoor ambient lighting products.

The Z Series luminaires are available in both T5 and T8 lengths, and may be surface-mounted or suspended with chain, aircraft cable or stem. The Z Series luminaires are available in white, galvanized, matte black and smoke gray finishes.

Each LED component is electrically and optically measured during fabrication to ensure that not even the slightest color variance is detectable by the human eye. This LED technology provides color uniformity that exceeds ANSI standards. Z Series LED striplights distribute light down and outward, eliminating shadows between fixtures and scalloped patterns on walls.
Z Series LED striplight components are selected for high performance, and fixtures are certified for use in dry and damp locations ranging from -4°F (-20°C) to 86°F (30°C). Fixtures come standard with 0-10V dimming to 10 percent. Optional controls offer additional energy savings and can extend the life of the Z Series LED striplight.

Dennis Paul, senior project manager with engineering consultant DC Engineering, said it chose the new Z Series to be installed in the new Meridian Senior Center in Meridian, Idaho, to meet specific challenges.

“The new Meridian Senior Center was a difficult project to illuminate due to the wide range of intended usage, and a stringent 1 watt per square foot energy code allowance for this type of facility,” explained Paul. “We needed a fixture with a high lumen output for day-to-day activities, while being able to reduce the lumens for events and functions requiring lower light levels. We also needed a low-maintenance fixture that did not require lamp and ballast replacement within the next 10 years. The Z Series luminaire achieved these goals, while saving the project roughly 21 fixtures compared to fluorescent striplights.”

Z Series luminaires are available nationally through Lithonia Lighting sales representatives and authorized distributors.

Acuity Brands Executive Presents New Visions for OLED Lighting to IES

January 30, 2012

Jeannine Fisher, PE, LC, Acuity Brands OLED director of lighting design and application, has presented a new vision for OLED lighting to members of the Illuminating Engineering Society San Diego Chapter. Fisher’s educational session was designed to help attendees explore unique ways to apply light in architecture.

“OLEDs are unlike any other light source,” said Fisher. “They give us the prospect of creating luminaires that enhance our visual environment and satisfy our psychological appetite for brightness. They are natural and intuitive. They deconstruct materials and reduce them to the bare essence of light itself. OLEDs are pure, simple and honest. As I like to say, OLEDs celebrate lighting with light.”

Traditionally luminaire designs have attempted to hide or cover the source of light. However, the emitted light from OLED is calm and comfortable to the viewer’s eye, even without the presence of shrouds and diffusers. No longer constrained by bulky housings and clumsy optical devices, the potential of OLED lighting is dramatically expanded – from integration of lighting and architecture to new lighting application design philosophies to visionary luminaire designs that are functional, aesthetically pleasing and emotionally compelling.

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