Acuity Brands Executive Presents New Visions for OLED Lighting to IES

Jeannine Fisher, PE, LC, Acuity Brands OLED director of lighting design and application, has presented a new vision for OLED lighting to members of the Illuminating Engineering Society San Diego Chapter. Fisher’s educational session was designed to help attendees explore unique ways to apply light in architecture.

“OLEDs are unlike any other light source,” said Fisher. “They give us the prospect of creating luminaires that enhance our visual environment and satisfy our psychological appetite for brightness. They are natural and intuitive. They deconstruct materials and reduce them to the bare essence of light itself. OLEDs are pure, simple and honest. As I like to say, OLEDs celebrate lighting with light.”

Traditionally luminaire designs have attempted to hide or cover the source of light. However, the emitted light from OLED is calm and comfortable to the viewer’s eye, even without the presence of shrouds and diffusers. No longer constrained by bulky housings and clumsy optical devices, the potential of OLED lighting is dramatically expanded – from integration of lighting and architecture to new lighting application design philosophies to visionary luminaire designs that are functional, aesthetically pleasing and emotionally compelling.

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