Dave Ranieri Presenting at 2012 Strategies in Light

Dave Ranieri, VP and GM of Lithonia Lighting Commercial Indoor Business Unit, is presenting today at Strategies in Light 2012 in Santa Clara, CA.  Ranieri’s presentation titled “Bigger LED Lighting Story is Beginning to Unfold” will focus on maximizing the true potential of LED lighting when married with digital controls.

“The benefit of LED lighting is so much more than higher lumens per watt and 10-year+ life expectancies,” said Ranieri.  “The true potential of LED lighting is just starting to unfold as we merge digital lighting controls with LEDs to create truly intelligent lighting. With this advancement in lighting technology, it is imperative we consider and address lighting differently.”

Ranieri’s presentation will address the needs and opportunities of intelligent digital lighting, and how digital lighting will impact the near and distant future of lighting, lighting design, energy use, sustainability and building operation.

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