Multiple Acuity Brands LED Lighting Products Receive Prestigious Architectural SSL Product Innovation Awards

March 30, 2012

Acuity Brands, Inc. announced today a total of five indoor and outdoor LED lighting products, including three general ambient lighting products, one linear cove/wall wash and one area lighting product, have been selected to receive 2012 Solid-State Lighting Product Innovation Awards (PIA) from Architectural SSL magazine. The awards, representing a peer-recognized selection of quality LED products, identify and honor the market’s best LED and solid-state luminaires and fixtures.

The innovative and significant new Acuity Brands products selected by PIA include: Lithonia Lighting® RTLED Relight indoor ambient LED series, Lithonia Lighting®  VTLED indoor ambient LED series, Lithonia Lighting® STLED indoor ambient LED series, Lithonia Lighting®  Z series LED striplight and American Electric Lighting® Autobahn outdoor area LED lighting.

“We are truly honored that our innovative LED lighting solutions have been recognized and appreciated by the industry,” said Rick Earlywine, Acuity Brands Lighting Senior Vice President, Innovation & Technology. “As the recognized leader in the lighting industry, it is our responsibility to maximize the potential of digital technology – smart luminaires, robust controls and advanced toolsets – to create the best lighting solutions for every indoor and outdoor environment.”

American Electric Lighting Launches LED Security Luminaires

March 29, 2012

Acuity Brands, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of the LED NEMA Head Series (LNH) luminaire from American Electric Lighting®. The LNH luminaire maintains the familiar NEMA Head aesthetic, but uses LED technology to produce a comfortable and efficient white light that significantly reduces operating costs and extends the fixture life.

Intended for security areas, storage yards, rural areas, area lighting, loading and receiving areas, the LNH luminaire features:

  • More than 65 percent energy cost reduction compared to 175MV HID
  • A 50 percent reduction in maintenance costs compared to HID
  • An estimated 20-year product life

“The new LNH luminaire is the right choice when it comes to sustainable security lighting solutions,” said Rob Drago, VP Infrastructure Lighting, Acuity Brands. “Security is a prime concern for many facilities and municipalities, and the LNH luminaire uses efficient white light to improve visibility, ensuring key areas are well lit from dusk to dawn.”

Consuming only 60 watts of input power, the LNH luminaire reduces CO2 emissions by .4 metric tons annually. The significant reduction in energy use and lighting maintenance coupled with the extremely long life of the LNH luminaire results in a fixture that provides the lowest total cost of ownership.





Acuity Brands Lighting Executive to Discuss Changing Landscape of Solid State Lighting at 2012 SSL Summit

March 28, 2012

Kevin Leadford, Vice President of Innovation with Acuity Brands Lighting, is speaking on the applications of new lighting technologies at the 2012 SSL Summit LA in Long Beach, CA on April 3, 2012.  Leadford’s presentation “Realizing the Promise of Solid State Lighting” focuses on how these exciting new technologies are expected to reshape the lighting industry.

“Solid state lighting is currently in its infancy,” said Leadford. “Up until now, much of the industry’s focus has been on light source suitability (efficacy, color, standards, etc.) with much attention on replacement lamps and luminaires. Looking forward, the unique attributes of SSL technology and continued focus on energy conservation will facilitate smarter integration, new form factors and styles, and lighting products with capabilities not yet envisioned.”

Leadford’s presentation will discuss the technology driving these changes, including both LEDs and OLEDs. He will also share predictions on how the solid state lighting industry will move beyond the basics to redefine what lighting is and how we utilize it.

Visit 2012 SSL Summit for more information on the conference.

Gotham Launches Complete Line of EVO® LED Luminaires

March 23, 2012

Acuity Brands, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of the EVO® line of LED downlighting luminaires from Gotham®.  The new family of solid-state lighting products combines high performance and energy efficiency with visual elegance and architectural aesthetics.

“The EVO line is more than just a series of new LED luminaires, it is a platform designed to evolve as solid-state technology advances and new enabling technologies emerge,” said Douglas Grove, VP Gotham Architectural Downlighting. “We are constantly working on the next improvements in lighting quality, aesthetics and efficacy. In turn, these developments lead to an ever-expanding scope of applications for EVO downlighting products.”

The EVO line includes eight new solid-state lighting products: open downlight, open wallwash, retrofit, lensed wallwash, cylinder, vandal resistant, shower light and decorative downlight. A modular design allows Gotham to reconfigure the mixing chamber, reflector, lenses and LEDs independently of one another, creating flexibility for improvements to EVO luminaires as technology advances. This configurable light engine ensures consistency in both quality and quantity of light, while still providing wide latitude to continuously upgrade efficacy and performance.

The EVO line is available nationally through Acuity Brands sales representatives and authorized distributors. For more information about LED lighting and controls, please visit Acuity Brands and Gotham on the web.

Lithonia Lighting Manager Presents the Benefits of Indoor LED Lighting at the National Facilities Management & Technology Conference

March 13, 2012

Bill Ballweg, Lithonia LightingBill Ballweg, product development manager with Lithonia Lighting, is presenting the benefits of indoor ambient LED lighting to National Facilities Management & Technology Conference (NFMT) attendees in Baltimore on March 14, 2012.  Ballweg’s education session “Bagging Conventional Indoor Lighting for LED” focuses on sharing the success story of the first U.S. grocery store to be entirely lit with LEDs.

“The SuperValu story is an excellent example of the potential of LED lighting,” said Ballweg. “The 35,000-square-foot Supervalu property in Newton, MA was originally illuminated by conventional incandescent and fluorescent lights. Today, it is one of the first grocery stores in the nation to be entirely lit with LEDs.”

The Chestnut Hill Star Market is one of the nearly 200 stores in the Shaw’s/Star Market chain and a key member of the more than 2,200 grocery retail stores in the Supervalu family of supermarkets. Targeted as a test lab for energy-efficient technologies that Supervalu hopes to use in other stores, Star Market’s Chestnut Hill operation has become a model of sustainability.

For more information, visit Lithonia Lighting to download the full case study.

New Holophane Acrylic Washington PostLite® II LED Luminaires Deliver More Design Choices and Increased Energy Savings

March 9, 2012

Next generation Acrylic Washington PostLite® II LED luminaires from Holophane deliver more benefits and choices for a complete range of outdoor applications, including: city streets, parks, residential areas, campuses, walkways and parking lots.  Enhanced LED sources reduce energy and maintenance costs while original housings provide improved appearances and more design options.

Washington PostLite II LED luminaires are the latest generation of a line of luminaires considered the standard for decorative acorn-style lanterns.  The new LED optical design replicates HID light levels with asymmetric and symmetric distribution and comfortable, low-glare in multiple lumen packages for design flexibility. Like the original, the new generation is optimized to meet Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) RP8 street lighting recommended practice.

“Generation two of the Acrylic Washington PostlLite LED is a significant enhancement of what was already an extraordinary product,” said Ben Prichard, Holophane Outdoor Senior Product Manager.  “The LED system – with a rated life of 50,000 hours – delivers significant energy savings while increased lumens per watt dramatically increase energy efficiencies. At the same time, we enhanced aesthetics with original housing choices that are more aesthetically pleasing and offer more design options.”

“The new Acrylic Washington PostLite II LED luminaires also deliver improved light appearance and reduced uplight and light trespass,“ said Prichard. “The optical system uses new LED technology and thermal management to provide an enhanced light source in an improved light center position.”

Acrylic Washington PostLite II LED luminaires passed the 1,000-hour salt test per ASTM B-1117, making them applicable for seaside locations. They have an IP rating, with the 100-watt luminaire rated for a 35°C ambient temperature and the 60 & 80-watt units rated for as much as 40°C ambient. The fixtures, which feature a polyester powder paint finish, are available with a variety of trims, colors, finials and accessories.

Acuity Brands Launches Wall Switch Sensor with Convertible Neutral/Ground Connection for Meeting NEC 2011 Neutral Requirements

March 8, 2012

Acuity Brands, Inc. is pleased to introduce the new patent-pending WSD NGX (Neutral/Ground Exchangeable) wall switch sensor as an addition to its Sensor Switch® line of occupancy sensors.

This new sensor provides an innovative and contractor-friendly solution to meet the neutral/ground wiring requirements under the 2011 National Electric Code® (“NEC 2011”) without having to purchase a dedicated unit. The WSD NGX sensor can use either the neutral conductor required by NEC 2011 for new construction projects, or it can use the ground connection, which is a common wiring method for many retrofit applications. The sensor’s ability to use either wiring method enables distributors to stock and sell one unit without risk of returned material from jobs where the wrong type of sensor was supplied.

“Since its release, the new NEC 2011 code has been partially or fully adopted by more than 25 states,” said Ben Hahn, Acuity Brands Lighting Vice President and Value Stream Leader for Sensor Switch. “The WSD NGX sensor’s wiring feature allows contractors to have a universally code compliant solution regardless of job site wiring requirements.”

“With the growing adoption rate of NEC 2011 as an accelerant, this new universal sensor provides a level of simplicity to electrical contractors and distributors last seen with the introduction of multi-volt ballasts,” added Steve Lydecker, Acuity Brands Lighting Senior Vice President and General Manager, Controls and Systems. “The multi-volt ballast eliminated the need to stock dedicated ballast voltages and avoided the risk of getting the wrong unit to the jobsite. Now with the new WSD NGX the same is true of the wall switch sensor.”

The new patent-pending convertible neutral/ground exchangeable (NGX) feature joins Sensor Switch’s already patented reversible line and load wiring featured product line – continuing the Company’s rich history of developing contractor-friendly products. The WSD NGX is available in both Passive Infrared (PIR) and Dual Technology (PDT) versions and is now shipping.