Acuity Brands Lighting Executive to Discuss Changing Landscape of Solid State Lighting at 2012 SSL Summit

Kevin Leadford, Vice President of Innovation with Acuity Brands Lighting, is speaking on the applications of new lighting technologies at the 2012 SSL Summit LA in Long Beach, CA on April 3, 2012.  Leadford’s presentation “Realizing the Promise of Solid State Lighting” focuses on how these exciting new technologies are expected to reshape the lighting industry.

“Solid state lighting is currently in its infancy,” said Leadford. “Up until now, much of the industry’s focus has been on light source suitability (efficacy, color, standards, etc.) with much attention on replacement lamps and luminaires. Looking forward, the unique attributes of SSL technology and continued focus on energy conservation will facilitate smarter integration, new form factors and styles, and lighting products with capabilities not yet envisioned.”

Leadford’s presentation will discuss the technology driving these changes, including both LEDs and OLEDs. He will also share predictions on how the solid state lighting industry will move beyond the basics to redefine what lighting is and how we utilize it.

Visit 2012 SSL Summit for more information on the conference.

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