Acuity Brands is First to Qualify in New DesignLights Consortium Category for LED Lighting Retrofit Kits

September 28, 2012

Lithonia Lighting LED lighting retrofit kitsTwo Lithonia Lighting® LED lighting retrofit kits from Acuity Brands, Inc. are the first to meet the DesignLights™ Consortium (“DLC”) requirements for Integrated-Style Retrofit Kits for Linear Panels. The 2RTL2R and 2RTL4R LED relight assemblies are part of the Company’s RTLED Relight family of products and are designated for the DLC’s Lamp-style Retrofit Kits for Linear Panels 2×2 and 2×4 Troffers  categories respectively.

The DLC Qualified Products List (“QPL”) supports only high-quality, high-performing commercial LED products. Each of the products listed on the QPL have met the DLC’s minimum performance and other requirements.

The RTLED Relight family combines digital LED lighting and controls technology with a patented high-performance optical design to offer the most advanced retrofit solution available for general-ambient lighting applications. High-efficacy light engines deliver long life and excellent color, ensuring a superior quality lighting installation that is highly efficient and sustainable.

“We are very pleased to be recognized as having the first LED lighting retrofit products to meet the DLC criteria in this category,” said Kurt Vogel, Lithonia Lighting Director of Product and Market Development for Relight. “It’s further validation that Acuity Brands® is creating winning solutions for customers to save significant amounts of energy, while improving the appearance and performance of their lighting.

“The ability to take full advantage of high quality LED lighting with a simple retrofit installation, without disrupting daily operations, is a big win for building owners and occupants alike. We anticipate the recently introduced VTLR Series of LED Relight products will soon be joining this DLC category as well to offer an even broader set of solutions.”

DLC qualification has helped accelerate market acceptance of LED luminaires as it provides assurance that the product meets stringent criteria for energy efficiency, performance and longevity. It also allows end users to participate in many local utility rebate programs to help defray the cost of their upgrades as they reduce demand on the electrical grid.

For more information about the DLC, please visit For more information about lighting retrofit solutions from Acuity Brands, please visit


Peerless Introduces Origami LED

September 25, 2012

High Art Meets High Performance in New Luminaires with Unique, Modern Style and Energy-Saving Performance

Peerless Introduces Origami LEDPeerless® ­— a leading designer and manufacturer of architectural luminaires and one of the innovative lighting companies under the Acuity Brands umbrella — announces the introduction of Origami LED.

Origami LED luminaires are offered in suspended and wall-mount versions and feature advanced lighting optics that allow for increased fixture spacing, fewer units per installation and, ultimately, significant energy savings. Designed to be efficient, energy-saving luminaires with a broad distribution of light, Origami LED luminaires bathe ceilings with expansive, smooth gradients of indirect light and, in turn, uniformly illuminate work planes below.

Inspired by modern architecture, fashion and design — and influenced by the ancient art of Japanese paper folding — Origami LED luminaires are ideal for illuminating interior spaces where a little flair is favorable. Origami LED springs to life by capturing light output and reflecting it across the luminaire’s articulated, multi-faceted body. The visual effect is a kinetic interplay of shadow, light and color that varies as one views the luminaires from different angles within a space.

Powered by an advanced LED light engine, Origami LED is designed to deliver L80 performance for 50,000 hours (12-15 years) of normal use. When spaced 15 feet apart on-center in a 60’ x 40’ open office, Origami LED achieves a low power density of .76 watts per square foot while delivering 29 foot candles on a 2.5’ high work surface. With this kind of operational efficiency, commissioning Origami LED may contribute toward a building’s LEED certification by helping to reduce overall energy consumption.

Further energy savings is possible when Origami LED is specified with one or more of the following options embedded into the luminaire:

• A sensor that provides daylight dimming and/or dual technology (passive infrared and Microphonics™) occupancy detection.

• A digital lumen management module that delivers constant lumen output, extends LED longevity and saves roughly 10% in energy use over the luminaire’s lifetime.

• An nLight® module that provides row, room, building or campus-wide network connectivity and control.

Origami LED was also designed with a less-is-more-sustainable credo. Its thin gauge aluminum bodies use roughly 50% less metal than traditional extruded fixtures. Plus, its housings, end caps and joiners all contain recycled material.

Offered in 4’ and 8’ lengths, Origami LED can be installed as individual units or connected together to form continuous runs. Available in four standard colors – gloss red, back, white and painted aluminum – Origami LED can also be specified with any custom color.

Origami LED luminaires are IES LM-79 tested and feature a Lighting Facts® label under a program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Origami LED is a line extension of the Origami product family, a suite of luminaires that also includes suspended and wall-mount T5/T5HO fluorescent models.

All Peerless luminaires, including Origami LED available nationally through Acuity Brands sales representatives and authorized distributors. For additional information, please visit the Acuity Brands and Peerless websites.

Mall of America Renovates Parking Garages with Acuity Brands Energy-Saving Outdoor LED Lighting Solutions

September 20, 2012

Mall of America achieves significant energy savings, enhances aesthetics and meets some of the nation’s strictest lighting codes with LED outdoor lighting solutions from Acuity Brands.

Tersen Ratio PG LED luminaires in Mall of America Parking GaragesThe Mall of America® (“Mall”) renovated its twin 7-story parking garages by installing more than 5,600 outdoor LED luminaires from Acuity Brands. The parking garages, which span 3.3 million square feet and house more than 12,000 parking spaces, are now equipped with Tersen® Ratio PG LED luminaires and other Tersen brand surface and arm-mounted lighting products. The Mall’s lighting renovation objectives included reducing energy costs, enhancing aesthetics, reducing light pollution, increasing safety, and meeting strict local lighting codes.

The Mall parking garages were previously illuminated with high-intensity discharge (HID) fixtures that consumed significantly more amounts of energy, produced lower light levels, and created high levels of glare. As a result, the Mall embarked on a comprehensive lighting renovation project to address specific energy-saving targets as well as goals to enhance parking garage safety and security through better illumination. In addition, during the assessment of which luminaires could best enable the Mall to meet its goals, the Mall was also challenged with some of the strictest municipal lighting codes in the country. These codes were adopted by the City of Bloomington, Minn. (“City”), where the Mall is located. Tersen Ratio PG LED luminaires met or surpassed all of the renovation project’s requirements, and were installed throughout the parking garages, including the entryways, interior parking areas, stairwells and top decks.

“Acuity Brands LED luminaires achieved the highest reduction of wattage while meeting all of the City’s requirements,” said Charlie Brantl, project leader for the Mall of America. “Of the options we explored, the Tersen Ratio PG LED luminaires were the only luminaires that would pay for themselves in four years, give us the lighting levels that we needed and comply with the City’s codes. The annual energy reduction was calculated at approximately 7 million kilowatt-hours. That’s huge.”

The increased light levels provided by the Tersen LED luminaires also helped the Mall enhance safety and security in the garages. Security officers can now see more details in their camera monitors, as well as farther into the depths of the deck. Additionally, reduced glare and even illumination levels provided by the new luminaires help make the parking garages more visually pleasing for visitors and employees.

“We were thrilled to work with the Mall of America to provide them with a lighting solution that met the stringent criteria for their new parking garage lighting,” said Tim McKinney, Value Stream Manager, Tersen Lighting. “The Tersen LED luminaires direct the lighting where it is needed while minimizing light pollution, which was the goal for the communities surrounding the Mall.”




Acuity Brands Receives Prestigious 2012 Product of the Year Award for the Lithonia Lighting ACLED Luminaire

September 19, 2012

Consulting-Specifying Engineer magazine readers select ACLED luminaire as one of the best lighting products of 2012. 

ACLED LED Lighting from Lithonia Lighting wins Product of the Year AwardThe Lithonia Lighting® ACLED luminaire from Acuity Brands, Inc. (NYSE: AYI) received a 2012 Product of the Year Silver award from Consulting-Specifying Engineer® magazine. This prestigious award, which recognizes products that demonstrate innovation and technological advancement, distinguishes the luminaire as one of the best lighting products of 2012 as voted by the magazine’s readers. Consulting-Specifying Engineer magazine and online newsletter reach more than 87,000 engineers working in consulting, engineering/architectural, design/build or in-house engineering firms.

Four additional Lithonia Lighting luminaires were among the finalists for Product of the Year in the lighting category: the RT RELIGHT Series assembly kit, the ST Series surface mount, the T Series LED lighting troffer, and the VT Series LED luminaire.

“This is a great honor for Acuity Brands,” said Dave Ranieri, Acuity Brands Lighting Vice President and General Manager, Indoor Lighting. “This award is very competitive, and we are thrilled Consulting-Specifying Engineer readers acknowledged the outstanding performance combined with the attractive, architectural style the ACLED brings to indoor lighting.”

The ACLED luminaire delivers ambient white light uniformly throughout an entire space while reducing energy and maintenance costs by using long-lasting, energy-efficient LEDs. The luminaire is available in a 2’x2’ configuration, delivers 3,300 lumens at 41 input watts, and is ideal for office, retail, education and healthcare applications. To further enhance energy savings potential, the ACLED comes with embedded nLight® controls technology from Acuity Brands. For more information please visit

For more information about the Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2012 Product of the Year awards please visit:

Acuity Brands Canada Opens New Facility, Centralizes Operation

September 17, 2012

New Acuity Brands Canada facility incorporates Smart + Simple lighting and controls technology to showcase solutions for customers. 

Acuity Brands announces the opening of its new 60,000-square-foot facility for Acuity Brands Canada, combining the Company’s Lighting and Controls offices. Located in Toronto, the new facility includes offices, a warehouse distribution center and a state-of-the art showroom. Twelve offices incorporate a variety of Acuity Brands® value stream products to illustrate lighting solutions in office applications. Additionally, the entire building is networked with nLight® controls from Sensor Switch®.

“This new work environment shows customers first hand what they can achieve when specifying lighting and controls solutions from Acuity Brands,” said Gregory Holm, Vice President and General Manager, Acuity Brands Lighting Canada, Inc.  “Centralizing our operation allows us to provide more resources to customers and agents, and the community, while providing the best work environment for our employees,”

Acuity Brands Canada will offer a full calendar of training modules as well as custom training sessions for sales agency partners and their customers. A lab space will allow the controls division to pre-program and test products, and offer hands-on training.

The facility’s grand opening took place Wed., Sept. 12, 2012 and included product showcase demonstrations by the Company’s Controls brands, Gotham®, Hydrel®, Lithonia Lighting®, Mark Architectural Lighting™, Peerless®, Tersen®, Sunoptics®, and Winona® Lighting. Ian Smith, Controls sales manager for Acuity Brands Canada, and Dr. Mike Lu, director of OLED Technology for Acuity Brands, led sessions on lighting controls and OLED lighting, offering two opportunities for attendees to receive AIA accreditation.

Fashionable ANTIQUE Street Lamps Fixtures Now Offered with Engineered LED System

September 12, 2012

Luminaires ensure same appeal with greater energy savings, longer life

 Two popular luminaire styles from ANTIQUE Street Lamps™ are now available with an engineered LED system for energy savings and extended life. Upgraded ATL23 LED acorn styled luminaires and LTL30 LED octagonal shaped fixtures offer versatile, environmentally friendly solutions for virtually any pedestrian environment.

Both the ATL23 and LTL30 LED luminaires provide the performance of 70- to 100-watt metal halide fixtures, with 3600 to 5600 delivered lumens. Up to 32 LEDs power the fixture light engine and are mounted to provide asymmetric or symmetric distribution.

ATL23 LED luminaires feature a clear textured acrylic globe and cast aluminum electrical housing. Nine different base styles and a variety of accessories and finish colors ensure design flexibility and aesthetics.

LTL30 LED luminaires include a base with integral electrical housing, an eight-sided lens frame with panels, and an octagonal shaped hinged roof with spiked finial. The fixtures are offered in seven different base styles and a range of finish colors and options that complement walkways and other areas where people like to walk or gather.

Other luminaire features and benefits include the following:

  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Powder coat finish with premium TGIC polyester powder paint
  • LED projected life equal to or greater than 50,000 hours L70 40ºC for the ATL23 LED unit, and 70,000 hours L70 25ºC for the LTL30 LED fixture
  • Driver life of 100,000 hours at 25ºC (all drive currents)
  • 5 year limited warranty

“These ANTIQUE Street Lamps styles graced many pedestrian settings over the years, offering beauty and quality illumination,” said Ben Prichard, Value Stream manager, Period Outdoor, Acuity Brands. “Now municipalities and government facilities, hotels, universities and others can utilize the same picturesque luminaires with even greater energy efficiency and improved overall performance.”

ATL23 LED and LTL30 LED fixtures are offered in black, dark bronze, dark green, verde green, natural aluminum, white or with custom select and custom match colors. For further details about new ATL23 LED and LTL30 LED luminaires or any of ANTIQUE Street Lamps line of decorative outdoor lighting solutions, visit or call 1-800-410-8899.

Acuity Brands Expands Portfolio of LED Renovation Solutions with the Introduction of VTLED Relight Assembly Kits from Lithonia Lighting

September 11, 2012

Long-lasting LED technology results in reduced maintenance and disposal costs.

The Lithonia Lighting® VTLED Relight assembly kits from Acuity Brands, Inc. feature long-lasting LEDs with a service life of up 50,000 hours, reducing maintenance requirements and disposal costs compared to conventional lighting. The VTLED kits’ advanced LED light engine and driver consume less energy than older, less energy-efficient lamps.

VTLED Relight kits can be assembled completely below the ceiling plane. Universal end brackets and a one-piece plug-in light engine, coupled with a below-ceiling assembly capability, make the VTLED kits simple and quick to install. Kits are available in both 2’ x 4’ and 2’ x 2’ configurations.

“The VTLED Relight assembly kits are a high-quality, affordable, attractive and easy-to-install solution for lighting renovations,” said Dave Ranieri, Acuity Brands Lighting Vice President and General Manager, Indoor Lighting. “The enhanced lighting experience from the VTLED Relight kits gives the appearance of a complete lighting redesign while using far less material and labor costs as compared with installing new fixtures.”

The VTLED Relight kits create balanced and uniform illumination by eliminating shadows and cave effects for an enhanced aesthetic appeal. The kit’s reflectors soften and distribute light into the space while minimizing luminous contrast between the fixture and ceiling. Sloped end plates provide a smooth transition between fixture and ceiling. Advanced optical film provides superior LED concealment and even illumination across the diffuser.

For more information please visit Lithonia Lighting on the web at



Acuity Brands Lighting OLED Experts Play Influential Role at OLEDs World Summit 2012

September 10, 2012

Two OLED lighting experts from Acuity Brands Lighting will share their insight at the 2012 OLEDs World Summit in San Francisco, Calif. Sept. 26 – 28, 2012. Peter Ngai, Vice President, Innovation at the Acuity Brands Lighting OLED Lighting Design Center, will provide opening remarks and chair multiple sessions on day two of the summit, which focuses exclusively on OLED lighting.

“In the past, OLED display was a major emphasis at the Summits; however, this year we have expanded the topics on OLED lighting,” said Ngai, who has been a featured speaker since 2009 and an advisory council member since 2011. “The 2012 Summit will feature OLED technology for lighting, OLED lighting design sessions, as well as a strategic panel discussion on OLED lighting application.”

Additionally, Jeannine Fisher, Director Lighting Design and Application at OLED Lighting Design Center will participate in a panel discussion about OLED technology, performance needs, costs and opportunities for OLEDs in the marketplace. The session takes place at 4 p.m. on Sept. 27, 2012.

“Supporting conferences dedicated exclusively to OLEDs is just one of the many ways Acuity Brands is committed to innovating the lighting industry,” said Neil Egan, Director of Communications, Acuity Brands Lighting. “Acuity Brands experts are among the top in the industry, and we are excited to serve as a catalyst for the advancement of OLED lighting technology.”

For more information about Acuity Brands and the Company’s OLED innovations, please visit

About Acuity Brands

Acuity Brands, Inc. is a North American market leader and one of the world’s leading providers of lighting solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications. With fiscal year 2011 net sales of $1.8 billion, Acuity Brands employs approximately 6,000 associates and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia with operations throughout North America, and in Europe and Asia. The company’s lighting solutions are sold under various brands, including Lithonia Lighting®, Holophane®, Peerless®, Gotham®, Mark Architectural Lighting(TM), Winona® Lighting, Healthcare Lighting®, Hydrel®, American Electric Lighting®, Carandini®, Antique Street Lamps(TM), Tersen®, Sunoptics®, Sensor Switch®, Lighting Control & Design(TM), Synergy® Lighting Controls, Pathway Connectivity(TM), Dark to Light®, ROAM®, RELOC® Wiring Solutions, and Acculamp®.

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New Eurotique Luminaires from Antique Street Lamps bring Euro-styling, long term reliability to outdoor environments

September 6, 2012

Family scaled fixtures offer visual appeal, design continuity
Popular Euro-styling and superior nighttime performance merge in Antique Street Lamps™ new Eurotique LED luminaires. The high performance fixtures offer design flexibility with striking “Munich” and “Hanover” styles in two different sizes and either post top or pendant mounting.

New Eurotique LED luminaires are family scaled to offer designers the opportunity to create attractive transitions from buildings to pedestrian gathering areas and streets. Multiple luminaire and arm combinations offer a choice of appearances to complement a range of outdoor environments.

“Eurotique luminaires were created to complement virtually any site plan, offering eye-catching shapes and dimensions to facilitate continuity,” said Ben Prichard, Value Stream Manager, Period Outdoor, Acuity Brands. “Modern LED optical assemblies combine exceptional long-term lighting performance and outstanding energy efficiency.”

The fixtures are available with four lumen packages to replace 70- to 175-watt metal halide luminaires. The LED optical system includes 49 and 63 LEDS driven at 350mA & 525mA, which allow strict control of uplight and light trespass to provide full cutoff and cutoff type performance. Individual LED lenses work collectively to provide asymmetric or symmetric distribution.

Other fixture features include the following:

  • Quick disconnect light engine for convenient installation and maintenance
  • Corrosion resistant hardware,
  • Added standard surge protection
  • Eurotique luminaires offer exceptional life, with LED L70 values greater than 70,000 hours under typical operating conditions. The fixture is CSA listed for wet locations.

Both the Munich and Hanover styles are available with flat or sag glass lens and with smooth, ringed or fluted ballast housing. The luminaires are offered in black, dark bronze, dark green, verde green, natural aluminum or white, and with custom select and custom match colors. The luminaires are adaptable to virtually any outdoor application, from town squares and city streets to schools and universities, parks and recreational areas, and hotels and resorts.

For further details about new Eurotique luminaires or any of Antique Street Lamps line of decorative outdoor lighting solutions, visit or call 1-800-410-8899.