Fashionable ANTIQUE Street Lamps Fixtures Now Offered with Engineered LED System

Luminaires ensure same appeal with greater energy savings, longer life

 Two popular luminaire styles from ANTIQUE Street Lamps™ are now available with an engineered LED system for energy savings and extended life. Upgraded ATL23 LED acorn styled luminaires and LTL30 LED octagonal shaped fixtures offer versatile, environmentally friendly solutions for virtually any pedestrian environment.

Both the ATL23 and LTL30 LED luminaires provide the performance of 70- to 100-watt metal halide fixtures, with 3600 to 5600 delivered lumens. Up to 32 LEDs power the fixture light engine and are mounted to provide asymmetric or symmetric distribution.

ATL23 LED luminaires feature a clear textured acrylic globe and cast aluminum electrical housing. Nine different base styles and a variety of accessories and finish colors ensure design flexibility and aesthetics.

LTL30 LED luminaires include a base with integral electrical housing, an eight-sided lens frame with panels, and an octagonal shaped hinged roof with spiked finial. The fixtures are offered in seven different base styles and a range of finish colors and options that complement walkways and other areas where people like to walk or gather.

Other luminaire features and benefits include the following:

  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Powder coat finish with premium TGIC polyester powder paint
  • LED projected life equal to or greater than 50,000 hours L70 40ºC for the ATL23 LED unit, and 70,000 hours L70 25ºC for the LTL30 LED fixture
  • Driver life of 100,000 hours at 25ºC (all drive currents)
  • 5 year limited warranty

“These ANTIQUE Street Lamps styles graced many pedestrian settings over the years, offering beauty and quality illumination,” said Ben Prichard, Value Stream manager, Period Outdoor, Acuity Brands. “Now municipalities and government facilities, hotels, universities and others can utilize the same picturesque luminaires with even greater energy efficiency and improved overall performance.”

ATL23 LED and LTL30 LED fixtures are offered in black, dark bronze, dark green, verde green, natural aluminum, white or with custom select and custom match colors. For further details about new ATL23 LED and LTL30 LED luminaires or any of ANTIQUE Street Lamps line of decorative outdoor lighting solutions, visit or call 1-800-410-8899.

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