Sunoptics Receives Green Leadership Award

March 22, 2013

Sunoptics_Green_Leadership_HonoreeThe Sacramento Business Journal has awarded Sunoptics, a leader in high performance prismatic daylighting solutions, a Green Leadership Award for its energy efficient daylighting solutions. The Green Leadership Awards recognize the region’s people, companies and organizations that are developing and implementing the most transformative green technologies, products and services. Sunoptics is one of more than 20 lighting, daylighting and controls brands under Acuity Brands.

“Acuity Brands and Sunoptics are honored the Sacramento Business Journal has recognized our efforts to help reduce energy usage and waste in buildings across the country,” said Eric Huffman, Director, Daylighting Sales, Sunoptics. “From the products we develop to our own manufacturing facility and offices, we understand the value of green building solutions. We are committed to developing energy saving solutions through our product innovations as we continue to explore the power of daylight.”

The Sacramento Business Journal hosted a Green Leadership Awards breakfast on Friday, March 22, at the Sheraton Grand Hotel Sacramento to honor the Green Leadership awards winners.

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Acuity Brands Named 2012 IMARK Group Supplier of the Year

October 25, 2012

Company Honored for Third Consecutive Year

For an unprecedented third consecutive year, Acuity Brands is proud to announce that it was selected as the IMARK Group’s (“IMARK”) 2012 “Supplier of the Year” and received the award at IMARK’s Annual Meeting. The Supplier of the Year award recognizes the Company’s efforts over the past 12 months to support the members that make up the IMARK Group. In addition to Supplier of the Year, Acuity Brands was recognized with the award for Sales Leadership by a vote of IMARK members.

As a member-owned marketing group of electrical products, IMARK represents more than 2,000 distributor locations. The award winner was selected by IMARK’s more than 1,100 member companies.  Members used the following criteria when rating preferred suppliers: annual sales growth and overall performance, marketing support for IMARK programs, new product promotion and communication activities, IMARK member training through IMARK University, and creative efforts to serve new IMARK members.

Bob Smith, President of IMARK, said, “Our membership was very pleased to once again announce Acuity Brands as the Supplier of the Year. Acuity continues to demonstrate outstanding support for our membership through all of the IMARK marketing programs. We are proud of our association with Acuity Brands and the award is greatly deserved. What is more impressive is that this is the third consecutive year that our membership has recognized Acuity Brands as our Supplier of the Year.”

“Acuity Brands is thrilled to be awarded IMARK’s highest recognition for sales and marketing efforts for an unprecedented third year,” said Geoff Marlow, Acuity Brands Lighting Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing. “We value the relationship with IMARK and the recognition of its members for product leadership, training, and superior support. The acknowledgement reinforces our efforts to align closely with our customers to ensure our shared success.”

For additional information, please visit the IMARK Group on the web and Acuity Brands’ YouTube® Channel. You can also become a fan of Acuity Brands on Facebook® and follow Acuity Brands on Twitter®.

Sunoptics Expands Existing-Roofing Daylighting Solutions

September 27, 2011

SEAMLIGHT by SunopticsThanks to Sunoptics, maker of high-performance prismatic daylighting, you can directly instal daylighting onto existing industrial standing-seam roofing systems with the new SEAMLIGHT Curbless Daylighting System. It delivers optimal lighting performance but its installation process doesn’t interfere with the structural integrity of industrial low-slope standing seam metal roofing systems.

Pair it with one of Acuity Brands’ indoor intelligent control systems, including Sensor Switch, Synergy Lighting Controls or Lighting and Control Design, and you get the extreme in energy savings.

Sunoptics high-performance prismatic skylights optimize indoor daylighting performance with a patented dome construction designed to capture more light at low sun angles. This maximizes the amount of light transmittance while maintaining 100% diffusion and eliminating undesirable hot spots, glare and UV damage.

Case Study: Coca-Cola Saves 80% on Energy Use

March 10, 2011

When Coca-Cola decided to build its new energy-efficient distribution plant in Northern California, the company chose Sunoptics Prismatic Skylights to help it achieve its daylighting initiative. By integrating high bay T5 lighting systems with photocells and a lighting control system – in addition to the Sunoptics Signature Series skylights – Coca-Cola has reduced light energy consumption by up to 80% during the peak energy demand hours of the day.

Warehouses and distribution facilities are a natural choice for daylighting. They are large structures usually full with stock and only a hand full of employees moving inventory with fork lifts to trucks for distribution. By using high-performance prismatic daylighting with motion sensing and photocells with their lighting control systems, building owners can create the optimum level of energy efficiency while creating an environment of high productivity for the workers in the space.

Yes, You Can Control the Sun

March 4, 2011

To enhance shoppers’ experience, retailers often use different lighting treatments for each of their departments; this can greatly impact the penetration of daylight and electric lighting.

The “best-practices” approach of dimming gives a seamless integration between the skylights and the electric lighting, allowing some lights to be dimmed without distracting shoppers. After store hours, lighting levels are reduced to those needed for cleaning and stocking. Non daylit zones are controlled with a different strategy but are included within the digital lighting controls to ensure lights are off after hours.

Distributed controls are what accommodate these separate treatments, and LC&D’s free remote programming allows for easy adjustments to ensure proper lighting levels.

We Spell ‘Sun’ with an R, O and I

March 3, 2011

The best daylighting systems provide the highest ROI through reduced utility bills. Whether you’re seeking LEED certification, recognition as a green builder or simply trying to save on energy, the rapid payback is well worth the initial investment. Most low-rise projects see a return on their investment within 18 months and many building owners report that their financed equipment is paid for within a year. Retrofits also prove to be a rapid payback.

While most green building strategies employ some form of daylight harvesting, few offer the return on investment and the integration opportunities of combining Sunoptics Prismatic Skylights and LC&D lighting controls. Lighting Control & Design’s advanced daylighting system promises the highest standards in equipment, functionality, and support.

Not all Skylights are Created Equal

March 2, 2011

One only has to look at a range of sunglasses to see there are different ways to manage the sun’s rays. Skylights are no different. Typical skylights, shown at left, cause lighting “hotspots” on the floor and don’t evenly illuminate the space. Artificial light is needed to supplement the skylights. In addition, clear skylights create glare and UV damage to the building, and standard white-bubble skylights sacrifice light transmission in order to achieve diffusion.

With Sunoptics high-performance prismatic skylights (shown in use at right), light is evenly distributed throughout the space, giving you the best opportunity for controlling daylighting. Best of all, electric lights can be turned off during daylight hours. It’s an important distinction.