Las Vegas Convention Center Cuts Energy Consumption by 40% with High Bay Luminaires from Acuity Brands

April 1, 2013

DualBayhighbayluminaireApplication2LRThe Las Vegas Convention Center selected approximately 2,000 Holophane® DualBay high bay luminaires from Acuity Brands to improve lighting and reduce costs in its 3.2 million-square-foot facility. Installed in the convention center’s central exhibit halls, DualBay high bay luminaires feature Holophane ISD Superglass™ reflectors, dual lamp technology, solid-state electronic ballasts, and a state-of-the-art thermal management system to deliver better light quality, distribution and energy savings. The luminaires are ideal for a variety of industrial, retail and commercial applications.

“DualBay high bay luminaires have reduced the convention center’s energy consumption by nearly 40 percent while creating a vivid, uniformly lit environment with less glare and strain on the eyes,” said Joe Toro, electrical supervisor for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.

Using two, 315-watt ceramic metal halide lamps, the high-efficacy DualBay luminaire delivers a 90+ color rendering index (CRI) and up to 112 lumens per watt in the Las Vegas Convention Center. The light levels in the central exhibit halls now range from 60 to 85 footcandles, with greater intensity in areas with lower ceilings.

“Our exhibitors have commented about how well their products look on display,” said Walter Laub, senior manager of facilities engineering for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. “The new lighting complements the exhibit space, making it more attractive and easier to promote overall.”

The fixtures are mounted up to 40 feet and positioned so light patterns overlap to help eliminate the possibilities of dark areas. An automated computer system controls the lighting and allows luminaires to be turned on or off individually.

Based on the current success, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority plans to add an estimated 1,400 fixtures in two additional halls. For more information about Holophane DualBay high bay luminaires, please visit or

New Wallpack LED Luminaires From Holophane Cut Energy Costs Up to 77 Percent

January 9, 2013

LR-Wallpack-LED-HolophaneFixtures replace metal halide or HPS systems, offers 20+ year service life

Acuity Brands introduces Wallpack® LED luminaires from Holophane that deliver up to 6,500 lumens while reducing energy consumption by as much as 77 percent compared to traditional lighting units. Ideal for replacing 35 watt to 400-watt metal halide fixtures, Wallpack LED luminaires are designed with the same classic appearance that made the Wallpack line popular. Wallpack LED fixtures are offered in two styles with die-cast aluminum housing: W4G with prismatic glass lens and W4P with a polycarbonate lens for lower mounting heights requiring vandal resistance.

Available with 10, 20 or 30 LEDs, Wallpack LED luminaires employ individual optics over each LED to deliver a higher percentage of light to the ground where it is needed. A high-efficiency electronic driver delivers constant current to the LEDs and offers internal surge protection.

Wallpack LED fixtures are designed for more than 20 years of service life with virtually no maintenance. They can eliminate as many as 10 metal halide lamp replacements. Tests confirm the luminaires deliver more than 70 percent of their initial lumen output even after 100,000 hours of operation.

“Long, reliable operation ensures building exteriors or underpasses remain safely illuminated to boost safety and security,” said David Deck, Holophane Product Manager, Infrastructure. “Wallpack LED fixtures create comfortable, uniformly illuminated environments free of dark spots generally resulting from failed HID lamps.”

Designed in a traditional day-form, the new luminaires ensure an aesthetically appealing look that provides a seamless gradual upgrade to an LED system without interfering with an area’s visual appearance. The fixtures share the same footprint as traditional Wallpack units and can hide unsightly wall stains left by the original lighting units.

Wallpack LED luminaires are easy to install and require only three bolts to secure the fixtures to the mounting surface. Fixtures may be wired in recessed junction boxes through the back casting or through the top ¾-inch NPT when using surface conduit.

Lighting system owners can further improve energy savings by pairing W4G Wallpack LED luminaires with lighting control solutions, including Acuity Brands’ compatible ROAM® monitoring system. Wallpack LED fixtures are appropriate for a range of environments including perimeter lighting and security lighting for industrial and commercial buildings, schools, parking garages, underpasses, and tunnels.

For further details, visit or call 1-800-759-1577.

Holophane Adds LED Technology To Industry-Leading Portfolio Of High Mast Lighting Solutions

August 1, 2012

New HMAO™ LED luminaire features multiple lumen packages to maximize energy savings and deliver up to 100,000 hours of maintenance-free operation.

Providing innovative high mast lighting solutions for more than five decades, Holophane has expanded its High Mast Advanced Optix™ (HMAO) lighting systems to include LED technology. Engineered with a state-of-the-art prismatic borosilicate glass advanced optics, the HMAO™ LED luminaire is ideal for large area and roadway applications including airports, rail yards, sea terminals, industrial facilities, DOT interchanges and correctional facilities.

The HMAO LED luminaire features prismatic glass optics that provides overlapping distribution from each LED module to ensure excellent uniformity of light and eliminates potential dark spots. The uniformity of the vertical and horizontal lighting reduces glare. HMAO LED luminaires direct the lighting distribution on task due to the high efficacy of the LED chip-on-board modular light engine. Also, by minimizing the direct view of the source LED with prismatic glass optics, the HMAO LED luminaires help improve visual comfort. The 180-degree rotating optical assembly can be aligned “street side” with roadways for asymmetric light distribution.

“The HMAO LED luminaire provides a long life rating of 25 years, reducing maintenance costs by 50% and reducing energy costs and C02 emissions by up to 74% over HID lighting systems,” said David Deck, Product and Market Manager, Infrastructure, Acuity Brands Lighting.

The HMAO LED luminaire is available in multiple lumen packages to provide customers options for light levels and energy savings. Available for new construction or retrofitting, HMAO LED luminaires make it easy to replace existing HID luminaires without rewiring or changing existing luminaire mounting arms.

In addition, the HMAO LED luminaire is 3G rated for high vibration applications. Adjustable twist-off photocontrols come standard, and the luminaire is compatible with the ROAM® wireless monitoring system from Acuity Brands.

New Holophane DualBay Electronic High Bay Offers Superior Performance For Retail And Commercial Lighting

May 14, 2012

Dual lamp technology, solid-state electronic ballast and a dedicated state-of-the-art thermal management system deliver better light quality, distribution and energy savings.

Building on the success of its comprehensive portfolio of high bay luminaires, Holophane introduces the new DualBay electronic high bay luminaire to deliver superior quality lighting and energy savings to a wide range of high bay applications. The new electronic high bay luminaire uses dual lamp technology, solid-state electronic ballast and a dedicated state-of-the-art thermal management system – coupled with Holophane ISD Superglass® technology – to deliver superior light quality, light distribution and energy savings.

Available in dual 210W and 315W, the high-efficacy Holophane DualBay luminaire delivers industry-best performance with a 90+ color rendering index (CRI), up to 112 lumens per watt and a lamp lumen depreciation of .90. DualBay luminaire also includes an optional extended 5-year limited warranty at 55°C ambient for 210W and 50°C for 315W.

Holophane DualBay luminaire delivers the ideal combination of performance, aesthetics and savings to retail, commercial, industrial, institutional and warehouse environments.

“The DualBay electronic high bay luminaire provides the marketplace with a unique high-performance, high-efficacy option for high bay applications,” said Ed Weaver, Acuity Brands Lighting Vice President and General Manager, Industrial. “The sparkling white light of the dual lamps creates a natural ambience and really brings out the best in color rendering,”

New Holophane Acrylic Washington PostLite® II LED Luminaires Deliver More Design Choices and Increased Energy Savings

March 9, 2012

Next generation Acrylic Washington PostLite® II LED luminaires from Holophane deliver more benefits and choices for a complete range of outdoor applications, including: city streets, parks, residential areas, campuses, walkways and parking lots.  Enhanced LED sources reduce energy and maintenance costs while original housings provide improved appearances and more design options.

Washington PostLite II LED luminaires are the latest generation of a line of luminaires considered the standard for decorative acorn-style lanterns.  The new LED optical design replicates HID light levels with asymmetric and symmetric distribution and comfortable, low-glare in multiple lumen packages for design flexibility. Like the original, the new generation is optimized to meet Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) RP8 street lighting recommended practice.

“Generation two of the Acrylic Washington PostlLite LED is a significant enhancement of what was already an extraordinary product,” said Ben Prichard, Holophane Outdoor Senior Product Manager.  “The LED system – with a rated life of 50,000 hours – delivers significant energy savings while increased lumens per watt dramatically increase energy efficiencies. At the same time, we enhanced aesthetics with original housing choices that are more aesthetically pleasing and offer more design options.”

“The new Acrylic Washington PostLite II LED luminaires also deliver improved light appearance and reduced uplight and light trespass,“ said Prichard. “The optical system uses new LED technology and thermal management to provide an enhanced light source in an improved light center position.”

Acrylic Washington PostLite II LED luminaires passed the 1,000-hour salt test per ASTM B-1117, making them applicable for seaside locations. They have an IP rating, with the 100-watt luminaire rated for a 35°C ambient temperature and the 60 & 80-watt units rated for as much as 40°C ambient. The fixtures, which feature a polyester powder paint finish, are available with a variety of trims, colors, finials and accessories.

February 7, 2012

Architectural appearance combined with sustainability and a high level of performance characterize new GranVille® II LED luminaires from Holophane. The fixtures offer the same timeless housing choices that made Holophane’s GranVille HID line popular and are offered with Classic or Premier prismatic borosilicate glass optics to facilitate use of new or installed pieces.

Holophane GranVille II LED luminaires feature a new optical design that provides HID light levels while creating a comfortable wholly luminous appearance with low glare, less uplight and less light trespass. Multiple lumen packages are available and fixtures may be ordered with asymmetric or symmetric distributions. The luminaires are optimized to meet existing light standards.

“GranVille II LED luminaires represent the latest generation in the GranVille family, which has become the benchmark for decorative acorn-style lanterns,” said Ben Prichard, Holophane Senior Product Manager, Outdoor. “The period style fixtures are highly efficient and provide significantly greater lumens per watt. Depending on the application, they also use less energy than traditional lamp technologies.”

Like most LED sources, GranVille II LED luminaires offer long life with reduced maintenance. A dedicated thermal management system maximizes performance and reliability. The fixtures are also designed for easy access to the electronic driver to simplify maintenance.

GranVille II LED luminaires include cast aluminum housing available in multiple styles, including two utility series and four standard housings. The fixtures are offered with traditional GranVille trim options and mount to industry standard pole tenons and existing locations.

“New GranVille II LED luminaires provide present customers the cost effective option of retaining their pole, housing, glass globe, accessories and trim and simply replacing the light source and internal electronic components,” Prichard said. “The luminaires are suited to a range of environments, from parks and city streets to campuses, walkways and parking lots.”

GranVille II LED luminaires are OEM certified for retrofit of existing models. The new product family is pending regulatory listing and will be suitable for up to 40ºC ambient temperature, depending on the selected wattage and options.  


Historic City Hall Get Holophane LED Relighting Facelift

August 10, 2011

Fans of the landmark City Hall in the City of Fountain, Colorado, have a more modern – and energy-efficient – lighting treatment to gaze upon, thanks to a relighting project using Holophane® Utility Full Cutoff LED luminaires. And, while the fixtures themselves are high-tech, their vintage styles maintain a nostalgic look for the City Hall’s tree and lawn-lined sidewalks and streets.

The goals for the LED-relighting project were improved nighttime appearance of City Hall, as well as reduced energy consumption, maintenance, and night-lighting pollution. The latter was achieved in compliance with guidelines from the International Dark-Sky Association through the fixtures’ full-cutoff features.

According to City Manager Scott Trainor, the new lighting provides a 30% savings over the 100-watt high pressure sodium lighting system that was replaced.


Holophane Luminaires Picked for City’s Renovation

July 1, 2011

Granville LED from HolophaneA project to relight and renovate sections of downtown Chicopee, Massachusetts, now features LED lighting from the Holophane® GranVille® line.

The City of Chicopee decided to revitalize its downtown area to, among other things, provide a brighter and more secure lighting environment that will attract patrons back to the business district. One goal: replace old 100W, high-pressure sodium fixtures that had been retrofitted years ago throughout the downtown district (four city blocks containing city hall, office buildings, restaurants and nightclubs).

The answer: Holophane, a brand recognized as a leader for commercial, industrial, and outdoor applications because of its high quality and lowest total cost of ownership. The bonus for Chicopee: GranVille LEDs offer classic or premier optics; a variety of trims, shapes and uplight options; varying distributions of light; ease of maintenance; and lumen-output efficiencies.

LIGHTFAIR via YouTube: Almost Like Being There

May 24, 2011

Couldn’t make the LIGHTFAIR International show? Join the Acuity Brands LIGHTFAIR team on YouTube! We’ve uploaded highlights from our LIGHTFAIR adventure on our YouTube channel. Here are the top five videos:

1) Peter Ngai and Jeannine Fisher explain OLED lighting:

2) Megan Kessler shows us what’s new at Peerless Lighting

3) Tamar Williamson talks all about Holophane

4) Steve Lydecker explains the beauty of lighting controls

5) Grant Grable talks about daylighting and Sunoptics

New GlasWerks LED Series Features 4 Fixtures

May 12, 2011

Holophane's LED GlasWerksHolophane’s popular and contemporary GlasWerks series is now available with LED technology! Four appealing models make up the line, which uses modern LED optical systems and dedicated thermal management for energy efficiency and sustainability. Among the other features and benefits:

  • Directional optics for precise light control and optimized visibility
  • Versatility in applications (street, park, walkway, campus and parking lot, etc.)
  • Extended LED life and maximum light output
  • Mechanics designed for easy maintenance
  • Suitability for 40 degree C ambient environment (pending)/IP rating