Go Digital on Daylight Harvesting Controls

March 7, 2011

For years, Sunoptics and Lighting Controls & Design (LC&D) products have been integrated to enhance the value of prismatic skylight solutions. That’s because digital lighting controls improve on the functionality of traditional (non-digital) controls, providing advanced programming capabilities with a simple front end – usually just a wall switch or dimmer.

With LC&D’s GR 2400 system, controls are easy to maintain and operate. Settings can be adjusted through the Internet or with any computer running Unity™ Lighting Control Software. In fact, LC&D is the only manufacturer that offers free lifetime remote programming for every system equipped with a modem.

The GR 2400 system is more than just relay panels and hardware. It is a completely digital, integrated system that will lower your operating expenses. By simply turning off unneeded lighting, energy consumption is reduced as much as 40% to 50%.

Energy Code Requirements, Demystified

March 4, 2011

Commercial building code regulations can provide energy cost savings and sustainability for building owners. But they can mean growing complexity for engineers, architects and other designers. Today’s codes regulate construction in jurisdictions covering nearly 90% of the U.S. population; that’s a lot of codes!

To help you with the requirements, LC&D has published Energy Code Compliant Solutions Using Digital Lighting Controls. It describes IECC, ASHRAE 90.1 and California Title 24 mandates for lighting controls like auto-shutoff, bilevel switching, space controls, and daylight harvesting. An at-a-glance table summarizes requirements. To help with compliance, the right LC&D digital lighting control is identified.

Visit Acuity Brands Controls’ energy code web resource for excerpts of energy codes from each state in the U.S. and certain localities, plus information about certain energy programs

Daylighting + Controls = Extreme Savings

March 1, 2011

The concept of daylight harvesting is simple. Digital photo sensors detect daylight levels and automatically adjust the output level of electric lighting to create a balance. The goal is energy savings.

LC&D's MicroPanel™-iDim with Sunoptics daylights

Studies indicate that electric lighting energy use can be reduced as much as 84% using daylight-harvesting products. Among them: Sunoptics Prismatic Skylights.

Complications associated with commissioning have, historically, kept the enthusiasm for daylighting at a rather modest level. But now, companies like LC&D offer feature-rich, integrated lighting controls that maximize the benefits of daylighting.