Lithonia Lighting Launches the I-BEAM LED High Bay

May 9, 2012

ImageAcuity Brands, Inc. introduces I-BEAM® LED high bay from Lithonia Lighting®. This LED solution is the latest addition to the I-BEAM family, the most widely specified high bay family in the industry. The I-BEAM LED luminaire offers higher quality illumination, longer life and consumes less energy than comparable fluorescent and HID fixtures. Plus, I-BEAM LED high bays provide a payback in as little as two years and an impressive return on investment over the life of the product.

Affordable for many high bay applications such as manufacturing, warehousing and other large indoor spaces, I-BEAM LED luminaires can be integrated with factory-installed digital controls such as occupancy sensors, daylight photocells or nLight® devices, resulting in increased energy savings. I-BEAM LED high bays come fully capable of dimming down to 10 percent. Additionally, conduction and natural convection technologies used in the I-BEAM LED luminaires maximize cooling, fixture performance and lumens per watt.

“The I-BEAM LED high bay was designed to provide a quick payback and reduce a customer’s total cost of ownership while also delivering the quality and configurability that has made our I-BEAM family so popular,” said Ed Weaver, Acuity Brands Lighting Vice President and General Manager Industrial and Emergency, Lithonia Lighting. “This flexible fixture offers numerous options for almost every electrical and optical component, including reflectors, wire guards, emergency battery pack, occupancy sensors, surface mount brackets and more.”

Available for mounting heights ranging from 15-40 feet and ambient environments up to 131°F (55°C), the I-BEAM LED high bay meets both horizontal and vertical light level requirements through narrow or wide distributions. Reflectors are precision formed and utilize premium materials including ALANOD® MIRO® specular aluminum, while an optional semi-diffuse lens provides glare control and LED protection.

“I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the I-BEAM LED luminaire is so lightweight that I can lift it with one hand,” said Richard Wyton, Corporate Lighting Consultant with Steiner Electric Company. “This fixture also delivers a very good return on investment. It’s so affordable that it can be used as an alternative not only to HID, but to fluorescent as well.”

The I-BEAM LED high bay will be on display at the LIGHTFAIR® International trade show in Las Vegas May 9 -11, 2012, at the Acuity Brands booth #4108.

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Lithonia Lighting Launches PROTEON™ LED High Bay

January 30, 2012

Acuity Brands, Inc. has expanded its LED indoor ambient lighting portfolio with the launch of the PROTEON™ LED high bay from Lithonia Lighting®. The PROTEON luminaire can replace high intensity discharge (HID), fluorescent and induction high bay fixtures in manufacturing, warehousing, cold storage, commercial, retail and other large indoor spaces.

The PROTEON LED high bay is for indoor spaces with mounting heights ranging from 15’-40′ and ambient temperatures between -4°F (-20°C) and 131°F (55°C). Utilizing a robust aluminum extruded heat sink, the fixture provides superior thermal management to reduce operating temperatures.

Featuring focus, narrow, wide and spread distributions, the PROTEON LED luminaire meets both horizontal and vertical light level requirements as determined by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES). The product comes standard with a semi-diffuse lens to reduce glare. For additional glare control, a highly-diffuse lens is available.
The PROTEON fixture features a custom light engine specifically designed for the lumen requirements of high bay lighting to achieve optimal performance and reliability. Using pluggable connectors, electrical components are securely mounted to a removable, maintenance-friendly tray.

Optional controls offer additional energy savings and can extend the life of the PROTEON LED high bay. The PROTEON fixture is available with Acuity Brands nLight® enabled controls that facilitate remote system configurability. Advanced features include the ability to group fixtures, adjust dim levels, schedule operation and monitor status.
“In addition to its reliability, efficiency and versatility, the PROTEON LED high bay has a lower total cost of ownership compared to conventional HID high bays,” said Ed Weaver, Vice President and General Manager Industrial and Emergency, Lithonia Lighting. “The PROTEON fixture uses less energy to operate and reduces the amount of maintenance required so customers can achieve payback in 2-4 years.”

The PROTEON LED high bay is available nationally through Lithonia Lighting sales representatives and authorized distributors.