SwitchPak Now Integrates with BACnet Protocol

January 10, 2011

SwitchPak, a compact and economical lighting-control panel from Synergy Lighting Controls, is now available to integrate with building automation systems using BACnet communication as a standard option. BACnet is the world-wide standard protocol for building automation and control systems. For more information, visit the Synergy Lighting Controls Web site.


New Building-Mount LED Saves Energy Outdoors

December 18, 2010

Hospitality, offices, schools and retail spaces now have an LED alternative to outdoor, building-mounted lighting, allowing them to reduce energy and operating costs by as much as 62%.

Building-mounted ALX

Building-mounted ALX LED

The new Lithonia Lighting® ALX™ line of outdoor LED area luminaires combines the classic ALX family appearance with innovative technology. The building/wall-mounted ALXW model replaces HID fixtures one-for-one, meeting or exceeding recommended IES illumination levels and producing as much light as a typical 250-watt metal halide (HID) fixture. The ALXW also delivers improved optical uniformity and color rendering for architectural outdoor and pathway applications.

The ALXW’s long-lasting LED light source is designed to provide up to 50,000 hours rated life at maximum operating temperature, equating to 13 years of operation for a typical application.

White Paper on High Bay Occupancy Sensors Available

December 7, 2010

A new Acuity Brands white paper entitled, “High Bay Occupancy Sensors: Delivering Energy Savings and Fast Return on Investment,” is available from Sensor Switch.

The white paper, which can be downloaded here from www.sensorswitch.com, discusses typical high bay spaces (with ceiling heights above 18 feet) such as warehouses, distribution centers, production facilities and other industrial spaces, and the energy that’s wasted in lighting unoccupied areas. The paper also reveals energy-efficient lighting solutions that can reduce energy consumption and provide tremendous cost savings.

Training Sessions Focus on Energy, Sustainability

November 18, 2010

Available now from Acuity Brands are educational PowerPoint® sessions that focus on many technical aspects of energy codes and energy-related program qualifications. These can be invaluable to understanding energy codes, ordering products that meet federal Buy American requirements, and for qualifying for LEED recognition.

The presentations are:

While these educational programs are not certified for AIA credit, for each 60 minutes of sessions completed (totaling 60 minutes) the sessions will qualify for one self-reporting continuous-education unit. After completing each training session, complete the two-minute survey. Results from these surveys allow Acuity Brands to make improvements as needed.

To date, overall usefulness of the training has scored a 4.8 out of a possible 5, said Richard Heinisch, Acuity Brands Manager for Energy and Environmental Standards. He welcomes input for additional training topics at Richard.Heinisch@AcuityBrands.com.

Acuity Brands Releases Series of LED Educational Videos

November 16, 2010

Through its Lithonia Lighting unit, Acuity Brands has released a series of five online instructional videos with insights for helping to answer common questions about commercial ambient and other LED lighting design applications.

Dave Ranieri

Dave Ranieri

In the video series, Dave Ranieri, Acuity Brands Vice President and General Manager for Lithonia Lighting Commercial Indoor Products, discusses LED technologies and solutions, addressing five key topics: the promise of LEDs, cost of ownership, digital lumen management, pairing of controls with LEDs, and intelligent control design and networking in room configurations.

The “Promise of LEDs” looks beyond the current benefits delivered by LEDs to focus on the value LEDs will deliver to the lighting customer.

The “Cost of Ownership” compares the lifecycle costs and return on investment of fluorescent and LED light sources.

“Digital Lumen Management” addresses how LED lighting reduces over-lighting by maintaining a constant level of light throughout the life of the system.

“LEDs and Controls” highlights why LED performance is enhanced by lighting controls and how efficiency is achieved when LEDs and controls are paired together.

The “Room Configuration” describes how a digital network provides a more cost-effective and simplified controls solution.

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