Acuity Brands, Inc Triumphs at Major LED Lighting Awards Competitions

May 15, 2012

11 industry awards for Company’s indoor and outdoor LED lighting solutions include prestigious “Best in Class” designation.

Acuity Brands, Inc. received an unprecedented 11 prominent industry awards, including prestigious “Best in Class” designation, for its newest commercial and industrial indoor and outdoor LED lighting solutions during last week’s LIGHTFAIR® International 2012 trade show.  Acuity Brands was the most honored LED lighting luminaire manufacturer.

The Company led the Next Generation Luminaires(TM) (NGL) Solid State Lighting Design Competition, winning a total of six awards for its LED indoor ambient and industrial lighting products, including “Best in Class” honors for the Lithonia Lighting® ST Series luminaire. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, and the International Association of Lighting Designers, the NGL contest was launched in 2008 to promote excellence in the design of energy-efficient LED luminaires for general illumination in commercial lighting applications.

In addition, Acuity Brands was honored with five awards for its indoor and outdoor LED lighting luminaires as part of the 2012 Solid-State Lighting Product Innovation Awards from Architectural SSL magazine, which were presented during Lightfair 2012. The awards identify and honor the market’s most innovative LED and solid-state luminaires and fixtures as selected by a group of distinguished industry peers.

“We are honored to be recognized by our industry peers with 11 prestigious awards for our indoor and outdoor LED lighting solutions,” said Rick Earlywine, Acuity Brands Lighting Senior Vice President, Innovation & Technology. “The significance and number of awards proves yet again why Acuity Brands is the leading lighting company in North America.  We are committed to providing smart and simple solutions that deliver the best quality of lighting for a better quality of life. These industry honors clearly recognize that our innovative high-performance luminaires with integrated digital controls solutions are effectively increasing the quality of light, reducing maintenance and energy requirements, improving sustainability and lowering the total cost of operation.

“Our ongoing goal is to envision and create lighting solutions that customers both need and want; solutions that are not only high quality, reliable and affordable, but are also innovative, integrated and aesthetically pleasing,” said Earlywine.

Next Generation Luminaires Awards
The Next Generation Luminaires (NGL) judges recognized six innovative Acuity Brands products in three unique categories – utility/general purpose lighting, recessed modular lighting and high bay industry lighting.

Winners included: Lithonia Lighting ST Series indoor ambient LED luminaires, which received “Best-in-Class”; Lithonia Lighting RT Series indoor ambient LED luminaires; Lithonia Lighting VT Series indoor ambient LED luminaires; Lithonia Lighting AC Series indoor ambient lighting luminaires; Lithonia Lighting T Series indoor ambient lighting luminaires; and Lithonia Lighting PROTEON(TM) LED High Bay luminaires for industrial applications. For more information about the NGL winners visit

Product Innovation Awards
Architectural SSL magazine judges awarded five 2012 Solid-State Lighting Product Innovation Awards (PIA) to Acuity Brands spanning three categories – indoor and outdoor LED lighting products, general ambient lighting products, linear cove/wall wash and area lighting products.
The new high-quality Acuity Brands’ products honored by PIA included: Lithonia Lighting RT Relight Series indoor ambient LED luminaires; Lithonia Lighting VT Series indoor ambient LED luminaires; Lithonia Lighting ST Series indoor ambient LED luminaires; Lithonia Lighting Z Series LED striplights; and American Electric LightingR Autobahn outdoor area LED lighting luminaires. For more information about the PIA winners visit

New Holophane DualBay Electronic High Bay Offers Superior Performance For Retail And Commercial Lighting

May 14, 2012

Dual lamp technology, solid-state electronic ballast and a dedicated state-of-the-art thermal management system deliver better light quality, distribution and energy savings.

Building on the success of its comprehensive portfolio of high bay luminaires, Holophane introduces the new DualBay electronic high bay luminaire to deliver superior quality lighting and energy savings to a wide range of high bay applications. The new electronic high bay luminaire uses dual lamp technology, solid-state electronic ballast and a dedicated state-of-the-art thermal management system – coupled with Holophane ISD Superglass® technology – to deliver superior light quality, light distribution and energy savings.

Available in dual 210W and 315W, the high-efficacy Holophane DualBay luminaire delivers industry-best performance with a 90+ color rendering index (CRI), up to 112 lumens per watt and a lamp lumen depreciation of .90. DualBay luminaire also includes an optional extended 5-year limited warranty at 55°C ambient for 210W and 50°C for 315W.

Holophane DualBay luminaire delivers the ideal combination of performance, aesthetics and savings to retail, commercial, industrial, institutional and warehouse environments.

“The DualBay electronic high bay luminaire provides the marketplace with a unique high-performance, high-efficacy option for high bay applications,” said Ed Weaver, Acuity Brands Lighting Vice President and General Manager, Industrial. “The sparkling white light of the dual lamps creates a natural ambience and really brings out the best in color rendering,”

Acuity Brands Launches the ROAMview Lighting Control System, Extending the Company’s ROAM Roadway Technology into Site and Area Lighting

May 14, 2012

The ROAMview system provides property owners and small municipalities the ability to efficiently manage outdoor lighting using a wireless monitoring and control system.   

Introducing the ROAMview™ lighting control system, an expansion of  the Company’s ROAM® suite of industry-leading wireless outdoor lighting monitoring and control systems.  ROAMview features a pre-configured server and software package that can be easily deployed in smaller site, area or roadway applications such as car dealerships, shopping malls and campuses.

The ROAMview system allows property owners and small municipalities to efficiently operate and maintain their outdoor lighting by taking advantage of the optimal lighting performance, energy savings and reduced maintenance costs that the ROAM technology suite offers. With its pre-configured server and gateway, the ROAMview system simply connects to a user’s existing computer network, enabling control and monitoring from any computer within the user’s organization.

The intuitive, browser-based portal provides ease of control for grouping outdoor lighting fixtures, and easily applies customer-defined schedules for precise on/off and dimming.  Events or holidays that require specific lighting patterns are conveniently accommodated in the ROAMview portal’s simple drag-and-drop time-clock scheduling screen.

“With the addition of the ROAMview system to our product line, we can now offer all property owners a powerful suite of capabilities and features similar to those used by large municipalities,” said Terry Utterback, Acuity Brands Lighting Vice President and ROAM Value Stream Leader. “Without trenching a single foot of wire, they can go from circuit-based control to individual fixture control.  The system tracks and reports individual fixture performance, and  reports outages so that they can be quickly addressed.  It eliminates the need for night-time audits, the waste of day-burning lights and the elevated risks associated with lighting outages.”

The ROAMview system is simple to install and commission. Wireless ROAM nodes are installed on each fixture, attaching to an industry-standard NEMA® twist-and-lock receptacle.  As soon as the pre-configured server and gateway are energized, the system can begin to form its self-configuring, self-healing mesh network. It takes only a few hours to set up fixture groups and begin controlling lights.

Lithonia Lighting Launches the I-BEAM LED High Bay

May 9, 2012

ImageAcuity Brands, Inc. introduces I-BEAM® LED high bay from Lithonia Lighting®. This LED solution is the latest addition to the I-BEAM family, the most widely specified high bay family in the industry. The I-BEAM LED luminaire offers higher quality illumination, longer life and consumes less energy than comparable fluorescent and HID fixtures. Plus, I-BEAM LED high bays provide a payback in as little as two years and an impressive return on investment over the life of the product.

Affordable for many high bay applications such as manufacturing, warehousing and other large indoor spaces, I-BEAM LED luminaires can be integrated with factory-installed digital controls such as occupancy sensors, daylight photocells or nLight® devices, resulting in increased energy savings. I-BEAM LED high bays come fully capable of dimming down to 10 percent. Additionally, conduction and natural convection technologies used in the I-BEAM LED luminaires maximize cooling, fixture performance and lumens per watt.

“The I-BEAM LED high bay was designed to provide a quick payback and reduce a customer’s total cost of ownership while also delivering the quality and configurability that has made our I-BEAM family so popular,” said Ed Weaver, Acuity Brands Lighting Vice President and General Manager Industrial and Emergency, Lithonia Lighting. “This flexible fixture offers numerous options for almost every electrical and optical component, including reflectors, wire guards, emergency battery pack, occupancy sensors, surface mount brackets and more.”

Available for mounting heights ranging from 15-40 feet and ambient environments up to 131°F (55°C), the I-BEAM LED high bay meets both horizontal and vertical light level requirements through narrow or wide distributions. Reflectors are precision formed and utilize premium materials including ALANOD® MIRO® specular aluminum, while an optional semi-diffuse lens provides glare control and LED protection.

“I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the I-BEAM LED luminaire is so lightweight that I can lift it with one hand,” said Richard Wyton, Corporate Lighting Consultant with Steiner Electric Company. “This fixture also delivers a very good return on investment. It’s so affordable that it can be used as an alternative not only to HID, but to fluorescent as well.”

The I-BEAM LED high bay will be on display at the LIGHTFAIR® International trade show in Las Vegas May 9 -11, 2012, at the Acuity Brands booth #4108.

For more information on the features and benefits of the I-BEAM LED fixture, please visit

Lithonia Lighting Expands LED Downlighting Options for the Home

May 2, 2012

L Series LED downlighting modules provide homeowners with practical functionality and higher efficiency.

Acuity Brands, Inc. introduces the L Series LED downlighting modules by Lithonia Lighting®. The L Series modules consist of a light engine and decorative trim that provide an economical solution for bringing energy-efficient LED lighting into homes while providing the warm look of traditional lighting.

The L Series modules are virtually maintenance free and 80 percent more energy efficient than incandescent lamps. The expected lamp life of these modules is more than 17 times longer than incandescent lamps and payback can be realized in as quickly as one year.  Available in 4″, 5″ and 6” apertures, the L Series modules are applicable for new construction, renovation or retrofit projects.  The modules are specifically designed to fit most popular IC and non-IC housings, feature focused optics that precisely direct light from the LED to the task pane and are TRIAC dimmable down to 15 percent.

“It is important we deliver to the consumer market the same quality of lighting our commercial customers have come to expect from Lithonia Lighting LED luminaires,” said Michael Bruce, Value Stream Manager, Residential Downlighting for Lithonia Lighting. “We applied our solid state lighting technology expertise and developed a high quality luminaire that allows homeowners to take advantage of all that LEDs have to offer, thus delivering a better lighting experience.”

The L Series modules are available nationally through Lithonia Lighting sales representatives and authorized distributors.


Acuity Brands Introduces Two New Products that Display Unique Characteristics of OLED Lighting Technology

May 2, 2012

Canvis and Trilia debut at LIGHTFAIR 2012 in Acuity Brands booth #4108. 

At LIGHTFAIR® International 2012 Tradeshow and Conference, Acuity Brands, Inc. is showcasing two new OLED luminaire designs, Canvis™ and Trilia™, which will be offered by Winona Lighting. Both of the new lighting series explore the advanced design and performance capabilities of OLED technology, featuring unique configurations and applications designed to create mood and movement in a space.

The Canvis collection is a series of OLED luminaires featuring luminous surfaces, expressed through multiple shapes. Its angles, curves and movement convey mood while providing serene, volumetric light, offering a wide array of lighting design possibilities. The family includes the Twist, Drape, Screen and Pose and the design enables new dimensions in luminaire design and application.

The Canvis Twist luminaire can dynamically change shape by interacting with building occupants through gestural control. The Twist takes a traditional static visual environment and allows it to become nuanced, dimensional and customizable.

The Trilia luminaires are a collection of modular units that allow designers to shape single luminaires into unique, organic networks to deliver comfortable and uniform distribution of light. Trilia mounts at less than three-and-one-half inches below the ceiling and is suitable for many spatial heights and geometries. As a system, the luminaire can be applied in a multitude of ways to provide accent or functional lighting that breaks away from rectangular grid layouts, affording greater design freedom in interior spaces.

Merging innovative design and control with high quality illumination and energy efficiency, Canvis and Trilia utilize efficient and high-performing OLED panels with efficacies of 60 lumens per Watt. The new OLED luminaires are designed for indoor, ambient applications in both commercial and residential spaces, including healthcare, education, retail, office, hotels, restaurants, public spaces and the home.

“Canvis and Trilia realize the promise of solid-state lighting, where designers can transform the lighted environment, increase energy efficiency, and allow us to savor what light can do,” said Peter Ngai, Acuity Brands Lighting Vice President, Research and Development. “Profound understanding of the user’s experience is an essential underpinning of true design innovation, with technology as an enabler. Our unwavering focus on light’s unique interaction with people drives us to create the best lighting solutions for our customers.”

The Canvis and Trilia OLED luminaires will be on display at the Acuity Brands booth #4108 at LIGHTFAIR® International 2012 Tradeshow and Conference held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas May 9-11, 2012.

Canvis and Trilia complement Acuity Brands’ commercially available Revel™ and Kindred™ OLED luminaires, now offered through its Winona Lighting unit, a leader in custom luminaire design and manufacturing. Product specifications, ordering information and pricing for the Canvis and Trilia families are available upon request.

All Winona Lighting products, including its OLED portfolio, are available through Acuity Brands global sales representatives and authorized distributors.