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April 15, 2013

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Acuity Brands is First to Qualify in New DesignLights Consortium Category for LED Lighting Retrofit Kits

September 28, 2012

Lithonia Lighting LED lighting retrofit kitsTwo Lithonia Lighting® LED lighting retrofit kits from Acuity Brands, Inc. are the first to meet the DesignLights™ Consortium (“DLC”) requirements for Integrated-Style Retrofit Kits for Linear Panels. The 2RTL2R and 2RTL4R LED relight assemblies are part of the Company’s RTLED Relight family of products and are designated for the DLC’s Lamp-style Retrofit Kits for Linear Panels 2×2 and 2×4 Troffers  categories respectively.

The DLC Qualified Products List (“QPL”) supports only high-quality, high-performing commercial LED products. Each of the products listed on the QPL have met the DLC’s minimum performance and other requirements.

The RTLED Relight family combines digital LED lighting and controls technology with a patented high-performance optical design to offer the most advanced retrofit solution available for general-ambient lighting applications. High-efficacy light engines deliver long life and excellent color, ensuring a superior quality lighting installation that is highly efficient and sustainable.

“We are very pleased to be recognized as having the first LED lighting retrofit products to meet the DLC criteria in this category,” said Kurt Vogel, Lithonia Lighting Director of Product and Market Development for Relight. “It’s further validation that Acuity Brands® is creating winning solutions for customers to save significant amounts of energy, while improving the appearance and performance of their lighting.

“The ability to take full advantage of high quality LED lighting with a simple retrofit installation, without disrupting daily operations, is a big win for building owners and occupants alike. We anticipate the recently introduced VTLR Series of LED Relight products will soon be joining this DLC category as well to offer an even broader set of solutions.”

DLC qualification has helped accelerate market acceptance of LED luminaires as it provides assurance that the product meets stringent criteria for energy efficiency, performance and longevity. It also allows end users to participate in many local utility rebate programs to help defray the cost of their upgrades as they reduce demand on the electrical grid.

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Acuity Brands Expands Portfolio of LED Renovation Solutions with the Introduction of VTLED Relight Assembly Kits from Lithonia Lighting

September 11, 2012

Long-lasting LED technology results in reduced maintenance and disposal costs.

The Lithonia Lighting® VTLED Relight assembly kits from Acuity Brands, Inc. feature long-lasting LEDs with a service life of up 50,000 hours, reducing maintenance requirements and disposal costs compared to conventional lighting. The VTLED kits’ advanced LED light engine and driver consume less energy than older, less energy-efficient lamps.

VTLED Relight kits can be assembled completely below the ceiling plane. Universal end brackets and a one-piece plug-in light engine, coupled with a below-ceiling assembly capability, make the VTLED kits simple and quick to install. Kits are available in both 2’ x 4’ and 2’ x 2’ configurations.

“The VTLED Relight assembly kits are a high-quality, affordable, attractive and easy-to-install solution for lighting renovations,” said Dave Ranieri, Acuity Brands Lighting Vice President and General Manager, Indoor Lighting. “The enhanced lighting experience from the VTLED Relight kits gives the appearance of a complete lighting redesign while using far less material and labor costs as compared with installing new fixtures.”

The VTLED Relight kits create balanced and uniform illumination by eliminating shadows and cave effects for an enhanced aesthetic appeal. The kit’s reflectors soften and distribute light into the space while minimizing luminous contrast between the fixture and ceiling. Sloped end plates provide a smooth transition between fixture and ceiling. Advanced optical film provides superior LED concealment and even illumination across the diffuser.

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Landmark Office Building in Cleveland Business District Renovates Lighting with Acuity Brands Relight Kits

August 28, 2012

New indoor ambient lighting saves energy, improves work environment and enhances aesthetics in 381,000-square-foot Rose Building – corporate headquarters of Medical Mutual of Ohio.

Acuity Brands, Inc., a leading provider of comprehensive, energy-saving lighting solutions, announces that its Lithonia Lighting® high-performance volumetric Relight kits were installed in the corporate headquarters of Medical Mutual of Ohio located in the historic Rose Building in Cleveland, Ohio. The extensive lighting renovation project was completed with no work disruption, and is estimated to decrease the building’s annual energy use for lighting by more than 50 percent, or from 1.9 million kilowatt hours to about 906,000 million kilowatt hours.

Eco Engineering LLC, a specialized provider of energy-efficient lighting services and upgrades, identified and implemented the lighting solution for Medical Mutual of Ohio utilizing 2,600 volumetric Relight kits. The Relight kits were used to retrofit the deep-cell parabolic luminaires throughout the building’s interior. The 2’ x 4’ volumetric Relight kits feature energy-efficient RT8R recessed lighting components that were quickly and easily installed into existing fixtures, eliminating the need to break the ceiling plane.

The energy-efficient Relight assemblies are expected to reduce electrical demand from the onset of installation, including a reduction in the air conditioning load because the new lighting generates less heat. The building’s total annual energy usage is also expected to decrease by more than 50 percent, or from 2.5 million kilowatt hours to about 1.2 million kilowatt hours.

“Volumetric Relight kits are an ideal solution for renovating inefficient and outdated lighting systems,” said Kurt Vogel, Lithonia Lighting Director of Product and Market Development for Relight. “In addition to providing energy savings, the Relight kits improve the quality of lighting by delivering the ideal amount of soft, comfortable light throughout the space. The visually uncomfortable checker-board or cave effect created by parabolic and lensed troffer systems is completely eliminated.”

Don Green, Director of Facility Services for Medical Mutual of Ohio, was confident in the solution to use retrofit kits from the start.  “Lithonia Lighting Relight kits offered a cost-effective solution.  We saved on labor because there was no need to rewire. The fast installation process also met our needs for minimal disruption to daily operations,” said Green.

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Acuity Brands Experts Presenting at The LED Show in Las Vegas

July 11, 2012

Acuity Brands, Inc. LED lighting technology experts John Selander, director of specification sales for Acuity Brands Lighting, and Kurt Vogel, director of product development at Lithonia Lighting®, will present “The Intelligence of LED Lighting” at The LED Show in Las Vegas. The 90-minute presentation is on August 1, at 9 a.m. (session five).

Selander’s presentation defines intelligent lighting and demonstrates ways in which solid-state lighting products are suited for interactive communication between the luminaire and occupants of the space. Vogel will explore how the latest LED lighting retrofit technologies reduce costs, help reach sustainability goals and achieve the benefits of LED lighting without disrupting the workplace.

“We are pleased with the opportunity to share our research and expertise with a wide range of lighting professionals helping to engage the conversation surrounding lighting and controls technology,” said Selander. “Through innovation, we are able to leverage various solutions spanning retrofitting, integrated lighting and controls, to maximize light quality, reduce energy usage and minimize cost.”

Selander recently finished his term as the 2010-2011 President of the Illuminating Engineering Society. He is Lighting Certified from NCQLP and is a LEED Accredited Professional from the US Green Buildings Council (USGBC). He currently serves on the Board of Directors for USGBC.

Vogel brings more than 22 years of experience to the lighting industry. Most recently he drove the development of Lithonia Lighting’s first indoor, ambient LED relight product, RT Relight Series. Vogel’s extensive knowledge of renovation lighting and its unique requirements keep him consulting, training and speaking with clients across the country.


Multiple Acuity Brands LED Lighting Products Receive Prestigious Architectural SSL Product Innovation Awards

March 30, 2012

Acuity Brands, Inc. announced today a total of five indoor and outdoor LED lighting products, including three general ambient lighting products, one linear cove/wall wash and one area lighting product, have been selected to receive 2012 Solid-State Lighting Product Innovation Awards (PIA) from Architectural SSL magazine. The awards, representing a peer-recognized selection of quality LED products, identify and honor the market’s best LED and solid-state luminaires and fixtures.

The innovative and significant new Acuity Brands products selected by PIA include: Lithonia Lighting® RTLED Relight indoor ambient LED series, Lithonia Lighting®  VTLED indoor ambient LED series, Lithonia Lighting® STLED indoor ambient LED series, Lithonia Lighting®  Z series LED striplight and American Electric Lighting® Autobahn outdoor area LED lighting.

“We are truly honored that our innovative LED lighting solutions have been recognized and appreciated by the industry,” said Rick Earlywine, Acuity Brands Lighting Senior Vice President, Innovation & Technology. “As the recognized leader in the lighting industry, it is our responsibility to maximize the potential of digital technology – smart luminaires, robust controls and advanced toolsets – to create the best lighting solutions for every indoor and outdoor environment.”

Lithonia Lighting Expands LED Relighting Portfolio

September 8, 2011

RTLED RelightQuality, performance and energy savings. These are the three keys to Lithonia Lighting’s new RTLED RELIGHT assembly kit, which expands the Acuity Brands portfolio of LED relighting products. It’s a high-quality, volumetric assembly that joins the RTLED, ACLED, TLED and VTLED as part of Lithonia Lighting’s versatile recessed indoor ambient LED lighting product family. Their purpose: bring the advantages of LED lighting to renovation projects.

The RTLED RELIGHT brings an updated look to a space without ever breaking the ceiling plane. The easy one-to-one fixture replacement installs from below the ceiling and offers a high quality of light with the added benefit of energy savings. The energy savings can be maximized by the use of advanced LED lighting technology, full range dimming, and flexible, intelligent control options.

Historic City Hall Get Holophane LED Relighting Facelift

August 10, 2011

Fans of the landmark City Hall in the City of Fountain, Colorado, have a more modern – and energy-efficient – lighting treatment to gaze upon, thanks to a relighting project using Holophane® Utility Full Cutoff LED luminaires. And, while the fixtures themselves are high-tech, their vintage styles maintain a nostalgic look for the City Hall’s tree and lawn-lined sidewalks and streets.

The goals for the LED-relighting project were improved nighttime appearance of City Hall, as well as reduced energy consumption, maintenance, and night-lighting pollution. The latter was achieved in compliance with guidelines from the International Dark-Sky Association through the fixtures’ full-cutoff features.

According to City Manager Scott Trainor, the new lighting provides a 30% savings over the 100-watt high pressure sodium lighting system that was replaced.


Holophane Luminaires Picked for City’s Renovation

July 1, 2011

Granville LED from HolophaneA project to relight and renovate sections of downtown Chicopee, Massachusetts, now features LED lighting from the Holophane® GranVille® line.

The City of Chicopee decided to revitalize its downtown area to, among other things, provide a brighter and more secure lighting environment that will attract patrons back to the business district. One goal: replace old 100W, high-pressure sodium fixtures that had been retrofitted years ago throughout the downtown district (four city blocks containing city hall, office buildings, restaurants and nightclubs).

The answer: Holophane, a brand recognized as a leader for commercial, industrial, and outdoor applications because of its high quality and lowest total cost of ownership. The bonus for Chicopee: GranVille LEDs offer classic or premier optics; a variety of trims, shapes and uplight options; varying distributions of light; ease of maintenance; and lumen-output efficiencies.

LED Downlight is for Old or New Construction

April 22, 2011

Installing LED downlighting doesn’t always mean you have to start from scratch. The Lithonia Lighting® REALITY LED module is made for retrofit/remodel or new-construction applications where energy savings, long life, and functional delivered light levels are required.

The REALITY LED module provides 80% energy savings over the 65W BR30 and replicates the beam pattern and useful light levels of these fixtures. It will maintain at least 70% light output for 50,000 hours in a typical lC environment. The REALITY LED module fits most common 6” cans for retrofit applications and can be ordered with L7X, L7XR, or LC6 for new construction. The REALITY LED module is the most economical means to create a well lit environment with exceptional energy efficiency and near zero maintenance.