Acuity Brands is First to Qualify in New DesignLights Consortium Category for LED Lighting Retrofit Kits

September 28, 2012

Lithonia Lighting LED lighting retrofit kitsTwo Lithonia Lighting® LED lighting retrofit kits from Acuity Brands, Inc. are the first to meet the DesignLights™ Consortium (“DLC”) requirements for Integrated-Style Retrofit Kits for Linear Panels. The 2RTL2R and 2RTL4R LED relight assemblies are part of the Company’s RTLED Relight family of products and are designated for the DLC’s Lamp-style Retrofit Kits for Linear Panels 2×2 and 2×4 Troffers  categories respectively.

The DLC Qualified Products List (“QPL”) supports only high-quality, high-performing commercial LED products. Each of the products listed on the QPL have met the DLC’s minimum performance and other requirements.

The RTLED Relight family combines digital LED lighting and controls technology with a patented high-performance optical design to offer the most advanced retrofit solution available for general-ambient lighting applications. High-efficacy light engines deliver long life and excellent color, ensuring a superior quality lighting installation that is highly efficient and sustainable.

“We are very pleased to be recognized as having the first LED lighting retrofit products to meet the DLC criteria in this category,” said Kurt Vogel, Lithonia Lighting Director of Product and Market Development for Relight. “It’s further validation that Acuity Brands® is creating winning solutions for customers to save significant amounts of energy, while improving the appearance and performance of their lighting.

“The ability to take full advantage of high quality LED lighting with a simple retrofit installation, without disrupting daily operations, is a big win for building owners and occupants alike. We anticipate the recently introduced VTLR Series of LED Relight products will soon be joining this DLC category as well to offer an even broader set of solutions.”

DLC qualification has helped accelerate market acceptance of LED luminaires as it provides assurance that the product meets stringent criteria for energy efficiency, performance and longevity. It also allows end users to participate in many local utility rebate programs to help defray the cost of their upgrades as they reduce demand on the electrical grid.

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Lithonia Lighting Expands LED Relighting Portfolio

September 8, 2011

RTLED RelightQuality, performance and energy savings. These are the three keys to Lithonia Lighting’s new RTLED RELIGHT assembly kit, which expands the Acuity Brands portfolio of LED relighting products. It’s a high-quality, volumetric assembly that joins the RTLED, ACLED, TLED and VTLED as part of Lithonia Lighting’s versatile recessed indoor ambient LED lighting product family. Their purpose: bring the advantages of LED lighting to renovation projects.

The RTLED RELIGHT brings an updated look to a space without ever breaking the ceiling plane. The easy one-to-one fixture replacement installs from below the ceiling and offers a high quality of light with the added benefit of energy savings. The energy savings can be maximized by the use of advanced LED lighting technology, full range dimming, and flexible, intelligent control options.

Historic City Hall Get Holophane LED Relighting Facelift

August 10, 2011

Fans of the landmark City Hall in the City of Fountain, Colorado, have a more modern – and energy-efficient – lighting treatment to gaze upon, thanks to a relighting project using Holophane® Utility Full Cutoff LED luminaires. And, while the fixtures themselves are high-tech, their vintage styles maintain a nostalgic look for the City Hall’s tree and lawn-lined sidewalks and streets.

The goals for the LED-relighting project were improved nighttime appearance of City Hall, as well as reduced energy consumption, maintenance, and night-lighting pollution. The latter was achieved in compliance with guidelines from the International Dark-Sky Association through the fixtures’ full-cutoff features.

According to City Manager Scott Trainor, the new lighting provides a 30% savings over the 100-watt high pressure sodium lighting system that was replaced.


Vancouver’s “Green” Initiative Taps Holophane LEDs

January 19, 2011
The Washington Postlite LED

The Washington Postlite LED

Holophane’s Washington Postlite® LED luminaires have been chosen to help in the revitalization of an upscale neighborhood in the City of Vancouver, BC, Canada. The city in February 2009 launched an initiative to become the world’s greenest city by 2020.

Holophane’s Washington Postlite Series qualified as the only LED units that met the full set of Vancouver’s stringent and sustained performance criteria, including the maintenance of dark night skies and strict light-control capabilities in addition to energy savings.

Holophane LEDs Part of Two Detroit Renovations

January 19, 2011
Granville LED

GranVille LED

Projects to relight and renovate sections of downtown Detroit included the use of Holophane’s GranVille® LED luminaires for park and street lighting. The $3.7 million projects were improvements and renovations to the city’s Paradise Valley park and Capitol Park. Both were completed prior to the end of 2010 and involved upgrading from conventional high intensity discharge (HID) lighting to Acuity Brands’ Holophane LED luminaires. The upgrades are expected to elevate the parks’ presence and provide the city with long-term energy savings.

Holophane a Part of NYC’s Jacob Javits Center Renovation

October 19, 2010

Acuity Brands has joined the effort to renovate New York City’s Jacob Javits Convention Center using its Holophane® brand of highbay luminaires. Javits renovationIt’s part of a three-year renovation project to, among other things, re-light the main convention center space and create the largest “green” roof in the northeastern United States. The project started this summer and will phase through 2013.



The main thrust of the lighting portion of the renovation consists of replacing the existing highbay luminaires with solution-driven Holophane Prismpack® High Bay luminaires. The Javits Center’s goals include enhanced quality of illumination, energy savings, reduction in overall maintenance costs, and improved aesthetics. A unique component of the lighting used for this project is a partially perforated cover on the Prismpack luminaire to provide a very controlled amount of uplight and a differentiated aesthetic appearance.

Available with new ISD SuperGlass™ reflectors that provide unparalleled performance and uniformity, Holophane Prismpack luminaires are the perfect fixtures for a variety of high bay applications including industrial, commercial and educational facilities. The covered reflectors provide minimal uplight and are also especially suited for dirty or industrial environments.