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April 15, 2013

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Acuity Brands Introduces Highly Configurable, Energy Efficient D-Series LED Flood Luminaires from Lithonia Lighting

October 31, 2012

D-Series LED Flood luminaires offer more than 120 performance solutions, including a variety of lumen packages, mounting options and color temperatures for customized applications.

Lithonia Lighting D Series Flood Family Acuity Brands introduces the D-Series LED Flood luminaires from Lithonia Lighting. This highly configurable family of LED luminaires for outdoor lighting applications is designed to replace 50W to 400W metal halide floodlights for significant energy savings. Specifically, the D-Series Flood Size 3 can save 73 percent in energy costs over 400W metal halides.

D-Series LED Flood luminaires feature advanced chip-on-board technology and reflector optics to create a controlled beam of light. Delivering between 3,675 to 13,750 lumens, the D-Series floodlights have an expected service life of more than 100,000 hours, or more than 20 years of nighttime use. They also maintain up to 84 percent of initial lumens throughout the duration of the product’s life.

“D-Series LED Flood luminaires offer the complete solution for flood lighting,” Brad Dobbs, Value Stream Manager, Lithonia Lighting, Outdoor. “These highly configurable luminaires allow users to customize their flood lighting through multiple lumen packages, optical distributions, mounting options and sizes – all while providing substantial energy savings.”

The D-Series LED Flood luminaires are available in three sizes with seven optical distributions and can be ordered in 3000K, 4000K and 5000K color temperatures. An array of mounting options also allow for flexible aiming methods for any application.

Sleek and compact, the D-Series LED Flood family is significantly smaller when compared to traditional counterparts. Offering a smaller footprint without sacrificing lumen output, the D-Series family blends into the environment it illuminates, creating a dramatic impact with minimal presence.

Mall of America Renovates Parking Garages with Acuity Brands Energy-Saving Outdoor LED Lighting Solutions

September 20, 2012

Mall of America achieves significant energy savings, enhances aesthetics and meets some of the nation’s strictest lighting codes with LED outdoor lighting solutions from Acuity Brands.

Tersen Ratio PG LED luminaires in Mall of America Parking GaragesThe Mall of America® (“Mall”) renovated its twin 7-story parking garages by installing more than 5,600 outdoor LED luminaires from Acuity Brands. The parking garages, which span 3.3 million square feet and house more than 12,000 parking spaces, are now equipped with Tersen® Ratio PG LED luminaires and other Tersen brand surface and arm-mounted lighting products. The Mall’s lighting renovation objectives included reducing energy costs, enhancing aesthetics, reducing light pollution, increasing safety, and meeting strict local lighting codes.

The Mall parking garages were previously illuminated with high-intensity discharge (HID) fixtures that consumed significantly more amounts of energy, produced lower light levels, and created high levels of glare. As a result, the Mall embarked on a comprehensive lighting renovation project to address specific energy-saving targets as well as goals to enhance parking garage safety and security through better illumination. In addition, during the assessment of which luminaires could best enable the Mall to meet its goals, the Mall was also challenged with some of the strictest municipal lighting codes in the country. These codes were adopted by the City of Bloomington, Minn. (“City”), where the Mall is located. Tersen Ratio PG LED luminaires met or surpassed all of the renovation project’s requirements, and were installed throughout the parking garages, including the entryways, interior parking areas, stairwells and top decks.

“Acuity Brands LED luminaires achieved the highest reduction of wattage while meeting all of the City’s requirements,” said Charlie Brantl, project leader for the Mall of America. “Of the options we explored, the Tersen Ratio PG LED luminaires were the only luminaires that would pay for themselves in four years, give us the lighting levels that we needed and comply with the City’s codes. The annual energy reduction was calculated at approximately 7 million kilowatt-hours. That’s huge.”

The increased light levels provided by the Tersen LED luminaires also helped the Mall enhance safety and security in the garages. Security officers can now see more details in their camera monitors, as well as farther into the depths of the deck. Additionally, reduced glare and even illumination levels provided by the new luminaires help make the parking garages more visually pleasing for visitors and employees.

“We were thrilled to work with the Mall of America to provide them with a lighting solution that met the stringent criteria for their new parking garage lighting,” said Tim McKinney, Value Stream Manager, Tersen Lighting. “The Tersen LED luminaires direct the lighting where it is needed while minimizing light pollution, which was the goal for the communities surrounding the Mall.”




Fashionable ANTIQUE Street Lamps Fixtures Now Offered with Engineered LED System

September 12, 2012

Luminaires ensure same appeal with greater energy savings, longer life

 Two popular luminaire styles from ANTIQUE Street Lamps™ are now available with an engineered LED system for energy savings and extended life. Upgraded ATL23 LED acorn styled luminaires and LTL30 LED octagonal shaped fixtures offer versatile, environmentally friendly solutions for virtually any pedestrian environment.

Both the ATL23 and LTL30 LED luminaires provide the performance of 70- to 100-watt metal halide fixtures, with 3600 to 5600 delivered lumens. Up to 32 LEDs power the fixture light engine and are mounted to provide asymmetric or symmetric distribution.

ATL23 LED luminaires feature a clear textured acrylic globe and cast aluminum electrical housing. Nine different base styles and a variety of accessories and finish colors ensure design flexibility and aesthetics.

LTL30 LED luminaires include a base with integral electrical housing, an eight-sided lens frame with panels, and an octagonal shaped hinged roof with spiked finial. The fixtures are offered in seven different base styles and a range of finish colors and options that complement walkways and other areas where people like to walk or gather.

Other luminaire features and benefits include the following:

  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Powder coat finish with premium TGIC polyester powder paint
  • LED projected life equal to or greater than 50,000 hours L70 40ºC for the ATL23 LED unit, and 70,000 hours L70 25ºC for the LTL30 LED fixture
  • Driver life of 100,000 hours at 25ºC (all drive currents)
  • 5 year limited warranty

“These ANTIQUE Street Lamps styles graced many pedestrian settings over the years, offering beauty and quality illumination,” said Ben Prichard, Value Stream manager, Period Outdoor, Acuity Brands. “Now municipalities and government facilities, hotels, universities and others can utilize the same picturesque luminaires with even greater energy efficiency and improved overall performance.”

ATL23 LED and LTL30 LED fixtures are offered in black, dark bronze, dark green, verde green, natural aluminum, white or with custom select and custom match colors. For further details about new ATL23 LED and LTL30 LED luminaires or any of ANTIQUE Street Lamps line of decorative outdoor lighting solutions, visit or call 1-800-410-8899.

New Eurotique Luminaires from Antique Street Lamps bring Euro-styling, long term reliability to outdoor environments

September 6, 2012

Family scaled fixtures offer visual appeal, design continuity
Popular Euro-styling and superior nighttime performance merge in Antique Street Lamps™ new Eurotique LED luminaires. The high performance fixtures offer design flexibility with striking “Munich” and “Hanover” styles in two different sizes and either post top or pendant mounting.

New Eurotique LED luminaires are family scaled to offer designers the opportunity to create attractive transitions from buildings to pedestrian gathering areas and streets. Multiple luminaire and arm combinations offer a choice of appearances to complement a range of outdoor environments.

“Eurotique luminaires were created to complement virtually any site plan, offering eye-catching shapes and dimensions to facilitate continuity,” said Ben Prichard, Value Stream Manager, Period Outdoor, Acuity Brands. “Modern LED optical assemblies combine exceptional long-term lighting performance and outstanding energy efficiency.”

The fixtures are available with four lumen packages to replace 70- to 175-watt metal halide luminaires. The LED optical system includes 49 and 63 LEDS driven at 350mA & 525mA, which allow strict control of uplight and light trespass to provide full cutoff and cutoff type performance. Individual LED lenses work collectively to provide asymmetric or symmetric distribution.

Other fixture features include the following:

  • Quick disconnect light engine for convenient installation and maintenance
  • Corrosion resistant hardware,
  • Added standard surge protection
  • Eurotique luminaires offer exceptional life, with LED L70 values greater than 70,000 hours under typical operating conditions. The fixture is CSA listed for wet locations.

Both the Munich and Hanover styles are available with flat or sag glass lens and with smooth, ringed or fluted ballast housing. The luminaires are offered in black, dark bronze, dark green, verde green, natural aluminum or white, and with custom select and custom match colors. The luminaires are adaptable to virtually any outdoor application, from town squares and city streets to schools and universities, parks and recreational areas, and hotels and resorts.

For further details about new Eurotique luminaires or any of Antique Street Lamps line of decorative outdoor lighting solutions, visit or call 1-800-410-8899.

Holophane Adds LED Technology To Industry-Leading Portfolio Of High Mast Lighting Solutions

August 1, 2012

New HMAO™ LED luminaire features multiple lumen packages to maximize energy savings and deliver up to 100,000 hours of maintenance-free operation.

Providing innovative high mast lighting solutions for more than five decades, Holophane has expanded its High Mast Advanced Optix™ (HMAO) lighting systems to include LED technology. Engineered with a state-of-the-art prismatic borosilicate glass advanced optics, the HMAO™ LED luminaire is ideal for large area and roadway applications including airports, rail yards, sea terminals, industrial facilities, DOT interchanges and correctional facilities.

The HMAO LED luminaire features prismatic glass optics that provides overlapping distribution from each LED module to ensure excellent uniformity of light and eliminates potential dark spots. The uniformity of the vertical and horizontal lighting reduces glare. HMAO LED luminaires direct the lighting distribution on task due to the high efficacy of the LED chip-on-board modular light engine. Also, by minimizing the direct view of the source LED with prismatic glass optics, the HMAO LED luminaires help improve visual comfort. The 180-degree rotating optical assembly can be aligned “street side” with roadways for asymmetric light distribution.

“The HMAO LED luminaire provides a long life rating of 25 years, reducing maintenance costs by 50% and reducing energy costs and C02 emissions by up to 74% over HID lighting systems,” said David Deck, Product and Market Manager, Infrastructure, Acuity Brands Lighting.

The HMAO LED luminaire is available in multiple lumen packages to provide customers options for light levels and energy savings. Available for new construction or retrofitting, HMAO LED luminaires make it easy to replace existing HID luminaires without rewiring or changing existing luminaire mounting arms.

In addition, the HMAO LED luminaire is 3G rated for high vibration applications. Adjustable twist-off photocontrols come standard, and the luminaire is compatible with the ROAM® wireless monitoring system from Acuity Brands.

Multiple Acuity Brands LED Lighting Products Receive Prestigious Architectural SSL Product Innovation Awards

March 30, 2012

Acuity Brands, Inc. announced today a total of five indoor and outdoor LED lighting products, including three general ambient lighting products, one linear cove/wall wash and one area lighting product, have been selected to receive 2012 Solid-State Lighting Product Innovation Awards (PIA) from Architectural SSL magazine. The awards, representing a peer-recognized selection of quality LED products, identify and honor the market’s best LED and solid-state luminaires and fixtures.

The innovative and significant new Acuity Brands products selected by PIA include: Lithonia Lighting® RTLED Relight indoor ambient LED series, Lithonia Lighting®  VTLED indoor ambient LED series, Lithonia Lighting® STLED indoor ambient LED series, Lithonia Lighting®  Z series LED striplight and American Electric Lighting® Autobahn outdoor area LED lighting.

“We are truly honored that our innovative LED lighting solutions have been recognized and appreciated by the industry,” said Rick Earlywine, Acuity Brands Lighting Senior Vice President, Innovation & Technology. “As the recognized leader in the lighting industry, it is our responsibility to maximize the potential of digital technology – smart luminaires, robust controls and advanced toolsets – to create the best lighting solutions for every indoor and outdoor environment.”

American Electric Lighting Launches LED Security Luminaires

March 29, 2012

Acuity Brands, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of the LED NEMA Head Series (LNH) luminaire from American Electric Lighting®. The LNH luminaire maintains the familiar NEMA Head aesthetic, but uses LED technology to produce a comfortable and efficient white light that significantly reduces operating costs and extends the fixture life.

Intended for security areas, storage yards, rural areas, area lighting, loading and receiving areas, the LNH luminaire features:

  • More than 65 percent energy cost reduction compared to 175MV HID
  • A 50 percent reduction in maintenance costs compared to HID
  • An estimated 20-year product life

“The new LNH luminaire is the right choice when it comes to sustainable security lighting solutions,” said Rob Drago, VP Infrastructure Lighting, Acuity Brands. “Security is a prime concern for many facilities and municipalities, and the LNH luminaire uses efficient white light to improve visibility, ensuring key areas are well lit from dusk to dawn.”

Consuming only 60 watts of input power, the LNH luminaire reduces CO2 emissions by .4 metric tons annually. The significant reduction in energy use and lighting maintenance coupled with the extremely long life of the LNH luminaire results in a fixture that provides the lowest total cost of ownership.





New Holophane Acrylic Washington PostLite® II LED Luminaires Deliver More Design Choices and Increased Energy Savings

March 9, 2012

Next generation Acrylic Washington PostLite® II LED luminaires from Holophane deliver more benefits and choices for a complete range of outdoor applications, including: city streets, parks, residential areas, campuses, walkways and parking lots.  Enhanced LED sources reduce energy and maintenance costs while original housings provide improved appearances and more design options.

Washington PostLite II LED luminaires are the latest generation of a line of luminaires considered the standard for decorative acorn-style lanterns.  The new LED optical design replicates HID light levels with asymmetric and symmetric distribution and comfortable, low-glare in multiple lumen packages for design flexibility. Like the original, the new generation is optimized to meet Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) RP8 street lighting recommended practice.

“Generation two of the Acrylic Washington PostlLite LED is a significant enhancement of what was already an extraordinary product,” said Ben Prichard, Holophane Outdoor Senior Product Manager.  “The LED system – with a rated life of 50,000 hours – delivers significant energy savings while increased lumens per watt dramatically increase energy efficiencies. At the same time, we enhanced aesthetics with original housing choices that are more aesthetically pleasing and offer more design options.”

“The new Acrylic Washington PostLite II LED luminaires also deliver improved light appearance and reduced uplight and light trespass,“ said Prichard. “The optical system uses new LED technology and thermal management to provide an enhanced light source in an improved light center position.”

Acrylic Washington PostLite II LED luminaires passed the 1,000-hour salt test per ASTM B-1117, making them applicable for seaside locations. They have an IP rating, with the 100-watt luminaire rated for a 35°C ambient temperature and the 60 & 80-watt units rated for as much as 40°C ambient. The fixtures, which feature a polyester powder paint finish, are available with a variety of trims, colors, finials and accessories.

Illuminating Engineering Society Selects 10 Acuity Brands Lighting Products for Annual Progress Report

February 24, 2012

Acuity Brands announced today a total of 10 lighting products, including new LED lamps, luminaires and lighting control software, have been selected by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) to be included in its annual Progress Report. The Progress Report documents significant worldwide developments and achievements in the lighting industry, including new products, applications and design tools.

The innovative and significant new Acuity Brands products selected by IES include:  Acculamp S-Series LED lamp, Lithonia Lighting RTLED indoor ambient LED series luminaire, Gotham Downlighting DLWLED lensed wall wash luminaire, Lithonia Lighting Archway Passage  LED luminaire, Hydrel  8100/8200 Series LED floodlight luminaire, Healthcare Lighting  Surg5 surgical T8 troffer luminaire, Winona  Lighting Winline Submersible 607 LED luminaire, Winona Lighting Revel OLED surface mounted general illumination luminaire, Winona Lighting Kindred OLED linear general illumination luminaire, and SensorSwitch  nLight lighting control system.

“Acceptance in the IES Progress Report is acknowledgement from representatives from leading lighting industry manufacturers and design firms that many of our new products and lighting solutions continue to achieve an advanced level of uniqueness and innovation,” said Rick Earlywine, Acuity Brands Lighting Senior Vice President, Innovation & Technology. “We are proud to be recognized as a leader making significant advancements in lighting.”