Peerless Enters Direct Ambient Market with Peerless Mino LED Luminaires

June 20, 2012

New 2’ x 2’ luminaires offer energy efficiency, comfortable optics and modern aesthetics.

Acuity Brands, Inc. is delivering high quality direct ambient LED lighting with an architectural focus through its new product Peerless® Mino by Peerless Lighting. A suite of three distinctive 2’ x 2’ direct ambient LED luminaires, Peerless Mino luminaires mark the initial entry of Peerless into the direct ambient LED market.

“Our Peerless Mino product features the same quality optics that have long been hallmarks of our indirect luminaires,” said Meggan Kessler, Peerless General Manager. “In surveying the market, we saw that the accelerated integration of LEDs into architectural recessed luminaires was taking priority over visual comfort. With Peerless Mino, we’ve bridged this gap and proved LED lighting can be as kind-to-the-eyes as it is energy efficient.”

The Peerless Mino luminaires – Recessed, Surface and Pendant – deliver energy efficiency, quality optics, advanced engineering, controls compatibility and application flexibility in a stylish, contemporary form. The luminaires are ideal for use in open and private offices, retail stores, hotels, schools and other interior environments.

Inspired in part by modern abstract paintings of the late 20th-century, Peerless Mino luminaires embody the same dynamic interplay of positive and negative space found in these works. Subtle gradient shadowing appears along the perimeter of the Peerless Mino lens surface when illuminated. As Peerless Mino luminaires are viewed from different angles, these sophisticated abstractions shift in appearance, adding drama and distinction.

Featuring a dimmable, modular and easily upgradeable LED light engine, Peerless Mino luminaires have been engineered to achieve uniform color consistency within 2.5 MacAdam ellipses, while delivering L80 performance for an expected 50,000 hours (12 to 15 years assuming typical usage patterns)*.

Compared to typical 2’ x 2’ fluorescent troffers, Peerless Mino luminaires are approximately 25 percent more efficient, initially delivering 93 lumens per watt. In a 60’ x 40’ open office, Peerless Mino luminaires spaced 8’ by 8’ on center generate 39 foot candles of illuminance on a 2.5’ work surface, while consuming a frugal .62 watts per square foot. With this kind of operational efficiency, commissioning Peerless Mino luminaires may contribute toward a building qualifying for the LEED® green building certification program.

The luminaires in the Peerless Mino suite are specifiable as nLight® enabled for additional energy savings opportunities. In the Peerless Mino Recessed model, an optional built-in nLight module allows for easy Cat-5 “plug-and-play” connectivity with nLight control and sensor systems. A stand-alone Sensor Switch® nLight module can be ordered, for installation above ceilings or inside walls, in connection with the Peerless Mino Surface and Pendant models. With the nLight module option, a digital lumen management feature can also be specified to maintain constant lumen output, extend the longevity of the LED diodes and achieve additional energy savings of approximately 10 percent over the luminaire’s lifetime.

The Peerless Mino Recessed luminaire installs seamlessly into 2’ x 2’ T-grid or screw slot grid ceilings and is also well suited for use in hard-surface applications. The Peerless Mino Surface luminaire is designed for installation into hard-surface ceilings and walls. The Peerless Mino Pendant luminaire can be suspended from all ceiling types.

Peerless Mino luminaires are IES LM-79 tested, CSA/CUS listed, FCC certified, DesignLights™ Consortium qualified, and feature a Lighting Facts® label under a program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy.

All Peerless luminaires, including Peerless Mino, are available nationally through Acuity Brands sales representatives and authorized distributors. For additional information, please visit the Acuity Brands and Peerless websites.

* Actual performance may differ as a result of end-user environment and application.


Sunoptics Opens New State-of-the-Art Daylighting Facility

June 12, 2012

12,000 square-foot building expansion allows customers to explore the performance and energy benefits of integrated daylighting

Sunoptics® will host the grand opening of its renovated Sacramento-based facility and new Daylighting University™ training center on Thursday, June 14, 2012. The new offices and training facility now boasts an additional 12,000 square feet and provides an opportunity for industry professionals to explore the benefits of daylighting, while providing a high-performance work environment. Additionally, the facility features a 1,600 square foot daylighting training center where Sunoptics will host its Daylighting University monthly training seminars and opportunities for customer presentations.

“In February 2011, Acuity Brands acquired Sunoptics with the vision of owning the entire daylighting solution – electric lighting, natural lighting and lighting controls – to meet the growing demand for daylighting,” said Grant Grable, Vice President, Value Stream Leader for Sunoptics. “Expanding our headquarters not only supports the growth of Sunoptics, but also provides a state-of-the-art, fully integrated daylighting training center to better educate architects, specifiers, lighting designers and building owners on integrated daylighting design.”

The open house will allow attendees to explore multiple daylighting, electric lighting and controls solutions from Acuity Brands that focus on performance and energy savings. Activities include facility tours featuring interactive daylighting experience, local and national guest speakers and discussions with Acuity Brands daylighting experts including:

  • Stephen Lydecker, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Acuity Brands Controls & Solutions
  • Cheryl English, Vice President Government & Industry Relations
  • Konstantinos Papamichael, Ph.D, Professor, Dept. of Design, Co-Director, CA Lighting Technology Center, University of California, Davis

Dr. Papamichael will give a brief presentation on the integration of adaptive skylight and electric lighting controls, followed by a question and answer session on ‘Adaptive Lighting’. Tours will showcase solutions for suspended-ceiling applications, including applications in classrooms, offices and manufacturing spaces that incorporate the latest in daylighting, electric lighting and digital lighting controls.

The facility is open to industry professionals beginning September 1. Monthly training seminars available through Sunoptics Daylighting University also begin in September.

Acuity Brands Director to Present at June Department of Energy Solid-State Lighting Workshop

June 7, 2012

Mark Hand, director of new product and technology at Acuity Brands Lighting, will present about the trends and strategies of solid-state lighting (SSL) manufacturing on June 13, 2012 at the Department of Energy (DOE) SSL Manufacturing R&D Workshop in San Jose, Calif.

The presentation, “Rethinking Luminaire Manufacturing for SSL,” will take place at 10:30 a.m., and features a number of industry panelists, including Hand. Panelists will address topics such as state-of-the-art manufacturing practices for LED luminaires and the special needs of OLEDs.

“With the growing demand of SSL, it is important manufacturers continue addressing how to increase product quality while reducing costs of LED and OLED technology,” said Hand. “Achieving these goals are extremely important and can benefit not only manufacturers, but end-users, the government and our environment.”

The DOE SSL Manufacturing R&D Initiative was created in 2009 to forge government-industry partnerships focused on a common goal: to reduce the cost and improve the quality of SSL products. A related goal is to foster a significant U.S. role for SSL manufacturing—creating jobs and promoting the nation’s technology leadership in this field. For more information visit:

Since 2005, Hand has been involved in the research, conceptualization, development and commercialization of LED luminaires for Acuity Brands. He has presented at numerous DOE SSL workshops in the past including, most recently, at the marketing introduction workshop in Seattle, Wash.

Kevin Leadford Presenting at 2012 LED Lighting Evolution Conference

June 1, 2012

Kevin Leadford, Vice President of Innovation with Acuity Brands Lighting, is speaking at the SID LED Lighting Evolution Conference at Display Week 2012, presented by IMS Research in Boston, Mass. on Wed., June 6.

Leadford’s presentation addresses solid-state lighting alternatives to replace fluorescent troffers. He will provide a historical perspective of troffers, giving context to the various types by distinguishing how they are used and why.

“By looking at the history and evolution of troffers, we can discuss some key issues that have been important in the past and identify emerging trends,” Leadford said. “SSL lighting has cost and performance benefits, but the potential for new styles and form factors is also significant.”

The Lighting Evolution Conference: From Sapphire to Lumens will make its debut at Display Week 2012 at the Boston Convention & Exposition Center. The goal of this event is to allow global industry leaders throughout the supply chain to explore the cutting edge innovations that will shape the future of lighting and backlighting. Lighting Evolution: From Sapphire to Lumens will feature keynotes and presentations from industry leaders, lively panel sessions and plenty of time for networking.

Visit the IMS Conference site for more information.