Acuity Brands Expands Family of Linkable Cabinet Lighting with UCLD LED Cabinet Light from Lithonia Lighting

November 28, 2012

UCLD LED cabinet lights consume just 5 Watts per foot delivering maximum energy savings in residential and commercial applications. 

Acuity Brands  introduces the UCLD LED Cabinet Light from Lithonia Lighting. Easy to install and versatile, the UCLD LED cabinet lights feature a dimmable, swivel head for controlled lighting direction and an integral driver that eliminates the need for an external power source. The newest member of the Linkable Cabinet Light family from Lithonia Lighting, the UCLD LED luminaires offer plug-and-play connectivity of up to 29 fixtures that are 24” in length to one power source, enabling seamless integration into existing task or accent lighting.

The UCLD LED cabinet lights are suitable for lighting cabinets, display cases, coves and utility/work areas or used for task lighting in commercial, retail, hospitality and residential applications. The LED luminaires consume only 5 watts per foot, delivering up to 85 percent energy savings when compared to fluorescent. Additionally, the long-life LED lamps can operate for up to 50,000-hours, reducing maintenance costs.

The UCLD LED cabinet light is available in 12”, 18”, and 24” size fixtures. It is ENERGY STAR® qualified and Title 24 qualified. The UCLD LED Cabinet light recently received an honorable mention from the 10th annual Lighting for Tomorrow competition in the category for undercabinet fixtures. The Lighting for Tomorrow competition recognizes the best designed, energy efficient lighting products entering the residential market.

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Acuity Brands Extends Leadership Position with High Lumen LED Downlighting Series from Gotham Architectural Downlighting

November 26, 2012

New Incito series of solid-state luminaires handle a wide range of lighting scenarios with up to 2,000 possible performance combinations.

Acuity Brands continues to demonstrate its innovation leadership with the introduction of the Incito™ LED open downlight series from Gotham Architectural Lighting. Incito is a new series of solid-state luminaires that combine the performance characteristics of multiple light sources and handle a wide array of lighting scenarios.

Incito downlights feature top performance characteristics – lamp life, dimming capability, color, efficacy, and lumen packages – from multiple light sources in a single system, allowing designers to configure luminaires for a variety of ceiling heights from 12- to100-feet. The series also combines long-life LED technology, seamless dimming capabilities and numerous lumen packages, ranging from 2000 to 6500 lumens.

“The design team at Gotham has created a revolutionary LED platform combining the best attributes of quartz, halide and metal light sources for up to 2,000 possible performance combinations,” said Douglas Grove, Gotham Value Stream Leader. “The result is a dramatically increased variety of spaces – from retail stores and restaurants to hotel lobbies and auditorium theaters – that can be illuminated with greater precision and more freedom.”

Incito downlights deliver the energy efficiency and long life of solid-state technology, which results in both energy and maintenance savings over downlights using traditional light sources. It also provides system-wide control because every device in every zone or network is digitally addressable using nLight® technology from Acuity Brands. Incito downlights also offer ultra-smooth dimming capabilities from 100 percent to less than 1 percent standard.

Abundant lumen packages allow Incito downlights to work in many different spaces from atriums to lower corridors. Its diffused lighting, aesthetic appearance and color consistency complement the popular EVO® line of LED downlighting luminaires from Gotham. For more information about LED lighting and controls, please visit Acuity Brands and Gotham on the web.


Acuity Brands D-Series LED Flood Luminaires Qualify in New DesignLights Consortium Category

November 20, 2012

The Lithonia Lighting® D-Series LED Flood Luminaires, Sizes 1 and 2 from Acuity Brands are now listed on the DesignLights™ Consortium (“DLC”) Qualified Products List under a new category for Architectural Flood and Spot Lighting. The DLC Qualified Products List supports only high-quality, high-performing commercial LED products. These LED luminaires for outdoor lighting applications are now eligible for incentives and rebates from some of the largest utilities in the country that are members of DLC.

The D-Series LED Flood luminaires are used to replace 50W to 250W metal halide floodlights, and can save up to 73 percent in energy costs over a comparable 250W metal halide. The D-Series LED floodlights have an expected service life of more than 100,000 hours, or more than 20 years of nighttime use. They deliver 600 to 7,200 lumens and maintain up to 84 percent of initial lumens throughout the duration of the product life.

“The Size 1 and 2 D-Series LED flood luminaires join the more than 1,000 Acuity Brands lighting solutions that are already DLC qualified. These include the highly successful D-Series Parking Garage and Area LED luminaires” said Dan Armstrong, Value Stream Manager, Lithonia Lighting.

DLC qualification has helped accelerate market acceptance of LED luminaires as it provides assurance that the product meets stringent criteria for energy efficiency, performance and longevity. It also allows end users to participate in many local utility rebate programs to help defray the cost of their upgrades as they reduce demand on the electrical grid.

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Acuity Brands Introduces Outdoor LED General Purpose Lighting from Lithonia Lighting

November 15, 2012

Acuity Brands introduces three LED luminaire options for outdoor lighting from Lithonia Lighting®. The OLLW Series LED wall light, OLVT Series LED vapor tight LED luminaire and OLS Series LED step light bring energy efficiency options to both commercial and residential lighting applications. All three LED luminaires feature long-life LEDs (L70, 50,000 hours).

  • OLLW Series LED wall light: Used for walkways, stairways, courtyards and corridors for safety and security, the OLLW Series LED wall light is constructed to withstand harsh weather conditions. It features multiple configurations to deliver either “up and down” lighting and/or “up or down” lighting for aesthetic versatility in outdoor lighting applications.
  • OLVT Series LED vapor tight luminaire: An energy efficient solution designed to protect against dust, moisture and larger objects in factories, warehouses, retail, hospitality or residential applications. The OVLT Series LED vapor tight LED luminaire features a frosted glass globe to protect the LEDs and ensure even light distribution.
  • OLS Series LED step light: Ideal for step lighting on pedestrian stairs and walkways in multi-family, commercial, hospitality and residential applications. The LED step lights are available in white or bronze and round or square shape styles (OLSS model and OLSR model).

“Outdoor lighting needs to be durable to withstand all weather conditions to keep commercial and residential applications safely lit,” said Dan Armstrong, Value Stream Manager, Decorative Residential, Outdoor. “At Lithonia Lighting, we design durable fixtures that withstand the elements, paired with long-lasting energy efficient LEDs for outdoor lighting solutions that users can rely on.”
Both the OLLW Series LED wall light and the OLS Series LED step light are ADA compliant. All three LED luminaires feature a 5-year limited warranty.

Illuminating Engineering Society Selects 12 Acuity Brands Lighting Solutions for Annual Progress Report

November 13, 2012

The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) 2012 Progress Report features 12 lighting solutions from the Acuity Brands LED lighting and OLED lighting portfolio. The IES Progress Report documents significant worldwide developments and achievements in the lighting industry, including new products, applications and design tools.

The innovative Acuity Brands products selected by IES include a variety of indoor and outdoor lighting solutions spanning commercial and industrial applications:

“It is an honor for so many of our lighting solutions to be accepted into the IES Progress Report, signifying an advanced level of innovation,” said Rick Earlywine, Acuity Brands Lighting Senior Vice President, Innovation & Technology. “The IES Progress Report is further industry validation that Acuity Brands is at the forefront of the digital transformation. We are leading the charge and creating the change, innovating and harnessing lighting technologies to create some of the most desired products in the world.”

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