Acuity Brands D-Series LED Flood Luminaires Qualify in New DesignLights Consortium Category

The Lithonia Lighting® D-Series LED Flood Luminaires, Sizes 1 and 2 from Acuity Brands are now listed on the DesignLights™ Consortium (“DLC”) Qualified Products List under a new category for Architectural Flood and Spot Lighting. The DLC Qualified Products List supports only high-quality, high-performing commercial LED products. These LED luminaires for outdoor lighting applications are now eligible for incentives and rebates from some of the largest utilities in the country that are members of DLC.

The D-Series LED Flood luminaires are used to replace 50W to 250W metal halide floodlights, and can save up to 73 percent in energy costs over a comparable 250W metal halide. The D-Series LED floodlights have an expected service life of more than 100,000 hours, or more than 20 years of nighttime use. They deliver 600 to 7,200 lumens and maintain up to 84 percent of initial lumens throughout the duration of the product life.

“The Size 1 and 2 D-Series LED flood luminaires join the more than 1,000 Acuity Brands lighting solutions that are already DLC qualified. These include the highly successful D-Series Parking Garage and Area LED luminaires” said Dan Armstrong, Value Stream Manager, Lithonia Lighting.

DLC qualification has helped accelerate market acceptance of LED luminaires as it provides assurance that the product meets stringent criteria for energy efficiency, performance and longevity. It also allows end users to participate in many local utility rebate programs to help defray the cost of their upgrades as they reduce demand on the electrical grid.

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